The Russian ambassador to the EU assures that Moscow will cut off the oil supply to Europe this year

Russia will stop supplying oil to Europe This same year, after the European Union (EU) decided to cap the price of a Russian barrel, the Russian ambassador to international organizations in Vienna said this Saturday, Mikhail Ulyanov.

“Starting this year, Europe will live without Russian oil. Moscow has already made it clear that it will not supply oil to countries that support price caps against the market,” Ulyanov wrote on his Twitter account and other social networks.

“Very soon the EU will blame Russia for using oil as a weapon,” predicted the Kremlin representative in his brief statement.

The countries of the European Union (EU) agreed this Friday, put a cap on the price of oil Russian price of 60 dollars per barrel, as part of the sanctions imposed on Moscow for its aggression against Ukraine.

The measure, to which the G7 powers and Australia have adhered, would not directly affect the community territory because it coincides with the entry into force, on Monday, of an embargo on crude imported from Russia, except for the one bought by Hungary by pipeline .

However, it prohibits European shipping companies from transporting Russian oil to third countries if it is sold at a higher price than the one set, and the same will apply to insurance companies contracted for Russian crude freight.

The EU political agreement guarantees that if the market price falls below $60 a barrelthe cap will be updated so that it is at least 5% below what it has on the market.

Moscow had already warned that it would stop selling its “black gold” to those countries that apply a ceiling to the price of a barrel, considering that this intervention violates the rules of the free market.

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