The ruble improves its value against the dollar and the euro after the intervention of the Central Bank of Russia

MADRID, Aug. 15 (-) –

The price of the ruble has improved around 0.68% against the dollar and 0.51% against the euro at 2:34 p.m. this Tuesday after the announcement by the Central Bank of Russia to increase the official interest rate in 350 basis points, from 8.5% to 12% per year, with the aim of limiting risks and stabilizing prices.

Thus, the dollar was exchanged at noon on Tuesday for 98.37 Russian rubles, while the euro was trading at 108.06 rubles.

The Central Bank of Russia has met this Tuesday in an extraordinary way to take measures against the “increased inflationary pressure”, which reached 4.4% on August 7 while current prices continued to rise.

At the opening, the dollar was exchanged at 97.66 rubles, while the euro was at 107.43 rubles.

Likewise, the Central Bank of Russia has warned that if current price growth rates remain at the levels reached, the risk of inflation deviating upwards from the 4% target set for 2024 is “considerable”.

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