The rights leave the plenary session of Valencia in a tribute to the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco at the hands of ETA

The strategy undertaken this week by the PP in the debate on the state of the nation of taking advantage of the 25th anniversary of the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco to once again stir up the ghost of the terrorist group ETA and confront the left through an artificial debate was extended this Wednesday to Valencia.

The PP, Cs and Vox in the Valencia City Council left the plenary session after accusing the local government, made up of Compromís and PSPV-PSOE, of “manipulating” the text in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco and of showing a “lack of institutionality” in the act in memory of the former councilor of Ermua.

The extraordinary plenary session this Wednesday began with three minutes of silence for the anniversary of the murder of Blanco and ended with the reading of a text signed by the government team in “tribute, recognition and solidarity to all victims of terrorism”, such as Ernest Lluch, Isaías Carrasco, Francisco Tomás y Valiente and Gregorio Ordóñez, during which the opposition (PP, Cs and Vox) has left the hemicycle.

These three parties have expressed in a joint statement his “absolute rejection” of the local government’s way of proceeding in the negotiation to agree on a text in memory of Blanco, which has finally made them stand up and leave the plenary session.

According to these parties, on June 6, the PP sent a proposal for a motion-declaration to the Mayor’s Office to pay tribute to the victims of ETA, although the mayor, Joan Ribó, and the PSPV they refused to incorporate it into the extraordinary plenary session which coincided with the 25th anniversary of Blanco’s assassination.

Two days later, Ciudadanos sent the Mayor’s Office a request that a minute of silence be observed and read the manifesto of the Miguel Ángel Blanco Foundationas has been read in other cities in Spain.

The opposition maintains that this Wednesday, the plenary day, the local government has transferred a modified text to the rest of the political groups “where references to heirs of HB are removedto the more than 300 unsolved murder cases, since the ideology for which ETA killed is still valid and with more political power than ever”.

Faced with the rejection of these modifications, they affirm that members of the municipal government have conveyed the intention of agree on a new text for the next municipal plenary sessionbased on the one registered on June 6, but “they have breached what was agreed upon and have read a cut manifesto, arguing that it was an institutional declaration, when it was not.”

Criticism of Mayor Ribó

For his part, Ribó has accused the PP of making an “electoralist use” and of dividing on the anniversary of the death of Miguel Ángel Blanco, and has lamented that the popular have prevented unanimity in the municipal plenary against terrorism and the condemnation firm of the murders.

The deputy mayor Sandra Gómez has described the departure of the right-wing chamber as an “embarrassing episode.”

EH Bildu’s messages in Congress

An attitude of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox that contrasts with the gesture of EH Bildu on Tuesday in Congress, which complied with the liturgy and respected the minute of silence that the popular spokesperson Cuca Gamarra raised by surprise by Miguel Ángel Blanco at the beginning of his intervention in the debate on the state of the nation.

This same Wednesday, the spokeswoman for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, also reiterated the “sincere commitment” of its formation “with the recognition and reparation of all, absolutely all the victims.” In this sense, just as the nationalist coalition did in the historic declaration of last October 18 in Aiete, the spokeswoman transferred that specific mention to the victims caused by the violence of ETA, which said: “Transfer to them our sorrow and pain for the suffering suffered. We feel their pain, and from that sincere feeling we affirm that it should never have occurred, that no one can satisfy that all that happened, or that it had lasted so long in time. “


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