The right-wing revolt runs into Sánchez’s commitment to deflate the Catalan conflict

The bet is clear. The “dejudicialization” of the conflict with Catalonia there is no going back. The deeds and words of the Government of Pedro Sanchez in recent months are clear. The reform of crime of sedition and especially that of embezzlement It has provoked a furious reaction from the right. Added to this is the reform of majorities so that the judiciary elects the magistrates of the Constitutional Court. A whole cocktail of accusations that Moncloa and Ferraz defend themselves against. As far as Catalonia is concerned, the message is resounding: improve coexistence.

PP, Cs and Vox, reissuing a kind of “Colón photo”, have raised their tone especially in recent days. Adjectives such as “assault on institutions” have been heard, “surrender to the independentistas”, “rupture of the rule of law” or even that “the devil that has entered the body of the president” and the usual references to an authoritarian government or a president with the air of a dictator. The popular call for early elections and have announced that they will bring the latest reforms to the TC. The extreme right of Vox raises a motion of censure, something that Cs supports but not the PP.

On the horizon, in addition, the Government and the Government of the Generalitat seek these days to close a date to hold another session of the Dialogue Table. The “acquired commitment”, according to sources from the Sánchez Executive, is that it take place before the end of the year. The last meeting took place on July 27 in Madrid. Precisely the reform of the Criminal Code, fueled these days with various amendments, was one of the following objectives on the roadmap.

The Minister of Education and spokesperson for the socialist leadership, Pilar Alegria, was clear in his message during the press conference held in Ferraz after the meeting of the Executive of the party. “When this party and government arrived at Moncloa, we found ourselves in a situation of deep territorial crisis, with a feeling of absolute rupture of the Catalan society with Spain,” she stated as soon as she began her intervention before the media. The different spokespersons or leaders do not usually avoid this issue.

The Socialists have defended themselves this Monday against the accusations that a reform of the crime of embezzlement could reduce the penalties for the corrupt. Or directly leave them on the street. In the afternoon it was confirmed pact with catalan republicans for a compromise amendment which modified the initial of ERC.

Faced with the “hyperventilations” and “hyperbolic” statements that according to Alegría the PP is using, the Socialists emphasize that “the dividing line between the PP and VOX is increasingly blurred.” This is what sources from the PSOE leadership in Ferraz point out to this medium. “Feijóo has bought a speech trumpist with the desire to polarize the country and seek electoral revenue with it. His idea of ​​the division of powers is to insult the Executive, ignore the Legislative, and hold the Judiciary hostage. sine die. He only needs to say that the Spanish vote badly”, they consider in the leadership of the party.

In Moncloa they remember that PSOE and Unidas Podemos appeared in the elections with the promise of doing politics and reducing the conflict in Catalonia. “Everything that is being done is headed there.” They also highlight the union of the coalition in this aspect, something that contrasts with other issues that have given rise to palpable differences.

Sánchez’s plans to bring positions closer and politically close the open conflict with the ‘Procés’ were clouded in spring with the outbreak of the ‘Pegasus case’. But since then the wounds have been healing with various meetings, also between Sánchez and the President Pere Aragonés contacts and the aforementioned reforms, in the absence of materializing one hundred percent. The relationship with ERC is more stable today. In fact, there has not been excessive noise this time to approve the General State Budget (PGE), unlike previous years.

Electoral situation in Catalonia

In this context, Sánchez participated just this Sunday in an electoral act in Barcelona. Next to him, the candidate for Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, and the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa. The President of the Government transmitted the same message about the “conciliation” and reunion policy for Catalonia. He also made visible the clear commitment of the PSOE and PSC to reach the Government of the Catalan capital and seize the baton of command from Ada Colau.

But the socialists are also looking at the following electoral appointments. First, the December generals, where they think they can beat ERC. And further on in the next regional elections, which will not arrive until 2025 unless there is electoral advance. In 2021 the PSC was already the most voted party. For the Socialists, one only has to look at the results of the PP and the PSC in the last few appointments to see what types of policies the Catalan citizens endorse. “As much as they shout, it seems clear,” say sources consulted, pointing to the irrelevance of the popular in all political spaces in Catalonia.

Among the data handled by the Government regarding the climate in Catalan society recall that in 2018, 55% of Catalans stated that coexistence was damaged in Catalonia as a result of the sovereignist process and more than 40% had stopped talking to a friend or family member because of politics. In 2022, a report from the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) and the Esade Center for Economic Policies said that Catalonia is today the autonomous community with the least partisan polarization. Also that the support for independence according to the latest surveys of the CEO (“Catalan CIS) have turned around since then in favor of the “no”.

They also consider in Moncloa that ERC has abandoned the unilateralism of previous years in its last political presentation and although it continues betting on a referendumThere is already talk of a “clarity agreement” with the Government. In addition, the division of the independence movement between the Republicans and Junts is more evident than ever. In short, everything that arrives from Catalonia for the Government seems, for the moment, good news.

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