The residences and Ayuso: 7,291 deaths and a criminal hoax

Let’s start at the end of the story. On April 22, 2021, a few days before the Madrid elections on May 4, the Ministry of the Interior received an anonymous letter addressed to Pablo Iglesias.

The envelope contained four Cetme bullets, which is a military rifle, and a piece of paper that said this: “Pablo Iglesias Turrión, you have let our parents and grandparents die. Your wife, your parents and you are sentenced to death. Your time is running out.” Let’s see how it got there.

Because the fact that 7,291 deaths remain unpunished today has to do directly with the necessary cooperation of the media power and with one of the most disgusting and serious hoaxes that has ever been in this country; a hoax that was disseminated massively in right-wing media but also in progressive media, and that was used politically by the right, but also by the PSOE and by the President of the Government himself.

The hoax that was built and that ultimately led to that letter with bullets and death threats against Iglesias and his family basically consisted of saying that the responsibility, that the powers of the management of nursing homes in Madrid and the rest of the Communities during the pandemic it was from Pablo Iglesias.

It did not matter that the Ayuso government had given direct orders, which are widely documented, prohibiting the transfer of the elderly from residences to hospitals. It did not matter that the Official State Gazette clearly said that the powers belonged to the Autonomous Communities (of Ayuso, in the case of Madrid). All of that didn’t matter. The truth did not matter: the right, from minute one, built and disseminated by land, sea and air the message that the person responsible for those deaths was the then Vice President Iglesias.

The fact is that, from there, the entire media right launched in a whirlwind to make the hoax grow.

The world: “A month of Pablo Iglesias in command of the residences: “we continue without tests or protective equipment”.”

okdiary: “The residences ask Iglesias for tests and protective equipment to de-escalate: “the elderly are afraid”.”

Digital Journalist: “Pablo Iglesias, denounced for reckless homicide in nursing homes.”

antenna 3, which has the most viewed news in Spain. Headline: Vox accuses Iglesias of having turned nursing homes into “houses of horrors” and the vice president calls them “parasites.”

Headline within the piece: “Churches, responsible for nursing homes.” And a fragment of the text: “The deputy of Vox María de la Cabeza Ruiz Solás pleaded with the second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, to remove the 25,000 elderly people who continue to live there despite having converted from the nursing homes in “real houses of horrors” due to the coronavirus. According to her, the deaths are due to the “negligence” and “immoral decisions” of the Government, and she accused the Executive of having made “the decision to lock up the elderly there” .”

Just reading the BOE, which clearly stated that the powers belonged to Ayuso, and just reading the orders that the Ayuso government gave to retain the sick elderly in residences, was enough to verify that all this from Churches and residences it was a hoax.

But it is also that Alberto Reyero himself, from Ciudadanos, who was the adviser to the Ayuso Government himself in charge, among other things, of the residences, not only criticized the health exclusion orders made by the cabinet of which he himself was a part: Reyero He also explicitly said in several interviews that the accusation against Iglesias was a hoax, and that the powers belonged to the Community of Madrid.

But it is also that Ayuso herself recognized live on television, perhaps inadvertently due to a lapses, that indeed it was she who managed the residences. Ayuso in an interview with Sonsoles Ónega, in Telecincoin June 2020: “I have had to manage healthcare and I have had to manage residences”. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

By the way, and for us to understand the level of premeditation of The sixth When disseminating the hoax, notice that they cut off the response that Iglesias gave to Margallo in that debate in laserwhere Iglesias replied that this was a hoax and made Margallo ugly that he used that.

But of course, if they took that out, their thesis would be dismantled and it didn’t suit them to put up that “ZASCA” sign. These people usually throw the stone and hide their hand, and when they are caught, in the best of cases, if they do not say that they are being pointed at, they say that they made a mistake, that they missed it, that it was a mistake. And it’s like: no, no, friends of The sixth: you consciously cut the part of the video from laser that dismantled Margallo’s lie in order to continue spreading a hoax that covers up the responsibilities in the death with pain of more than 7,000 people.

they said in The sixth of “what elegance Margallo spreading the hoax of the residences”. Well, if there was one person who, as usual, used this hoax against Iglesias with even more elegance, it was the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez (apart, of course, from other colleagues from his party and from the Government, such as Margarita Robles ).

Perhaps after listening to all this, what I read to you at the beginning is understood a little better: April 22, 2021, anonymous letter addressed to Pablo Iglesias. Four bullets from Zedme. “Pablo Iglesias Turrión, you have let our parents and grandparents die. Your wife, your parents and you are sentenced to death”.

All these people (those who created the hoax, those who spread it, those who continued to spread it despite everything Alberto Reyero said, and those who decided to use it politically even though they knew perfectly well that it was false) are not only responsible for a lie that harmed a political figure and a party: they are responsible for preventing the truth from being known and preventing people from paying for the deaths of more than 7,000 people. I hope they all sleep very soundly at night, as that one said.

The titular judge of the Investigating Court 3 of Madrid, María Isabel Durantez, decided to archive the investigation on July 20, 2021 without finding anyone responsible.

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