The Republican leader of the US Congress commissions an impeachment investigation against Biden

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, the Republican Kevin McCarthyhas commissioned the opening of an investigation against Joe Biden. The leader of the Congress thus intends to take the first step of a possible impeachment (impeachment) and obtain bank records and other documents from the president and his son Hunter Biden, accused of having amassed a fortune through business agreements with foreign companies.

McCarthy has defended in a press conference that this is the next “logical step” in the investigations in this regard undertaken by the conservative group since they regained control of the Lower House after the mid-term elections in November 2022.

The impeachment inquiry has few options to prosper. The resolutions for a impeachment They must be validated by the plenary session of that chamber, where it is not yet clear that McCarthy has the support of moderate Republicans in his caucus. Then, they have to get to the Senate, under democrat controland who is the one who has the power to carry out these types of processes.

Republicans have the Biden family’s alleged businesses in their sights with “adversaries” of the country like China, taking advantage of their political ties. The various allegations already found in this regard, according to McCarthy, “are credible and depict a culture of corruption.”

The president of the House of Representatives has assured that Biden “has lied about his family’s businesses abroad” and that he has had calls, dinners and meetings with his son’s business partners. McCarthy has also said that the president’s family has earned up to $20 million thanks to business deals since the Democrat has been in the Oval Office. “Despite these serious accusations, it appears that Biden’s family has received special treatment from the Administration”he has indicated.

“I have not made this decision lightly. Regardless of party or who you voted for, these events should concern all Americans. People should know that public offices are not for sale and that the federal government should not be used to cover up the actions of a family member,” he added.

The investigation will be led by the president of the House Oversight and Accountability Commission, James Comer, in coordination with the president of the Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, and the president of the Ways and Means Commission, Jason Smith, according to EFE. ,

The business activity of Hunter Biden, experienced in consulting firms and pressure groups, has been a recurring source of criticism, especially for his relationships with foreign firms and as a result of his father’s promotion. His name also starred in the first impeachment filed against former President Donald Trumpwho was accused of trying to pressure Ukraine into allegedly investigating alleged irregularities.

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