The regional presidents appeal to consensus, unity and moderation

The majority of regional presidents have appealed this Saturday in their end of year messages to unity, consensus and moderation for the common good and have trusted that 2023 will be a year of progress despite the uncertainties derived from the war in Ukraine and the economic situation.

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambanhas shown his concern about the frontism and the erosion of the institutions and has appealed to self-criticism in the face of the lack of understanding of the moderate parties, because it has as a result that the governance of the country depends more and more “on extremists, radicals and independentistas who only aspire to break Spain and put an end to the Constitution”.

In his traditional end-of-year message from the Teruel airport, Lambán stressed that “Aragon will not do well if Spain does badly” and that, in this situation, “no one has more titles than Aragon to claim the value of pact and moderation”, as well as “strict compliance with the law”.

“Uncertainties” and “hopes”

The President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manuecohas stated that 2023 “appears with many uncertainties but also full of hope”, which the community will face from “the strength” of its institutions.

Mañueco has launched his message from the Parador de Gredos (Ávila), one of the places where the “exemplary transition” was conceived and where, in the speakers’ room, the fathers of the Constitution drafted the final text of the Magna Carta, “with that effort of understanding and consensus that makes us proud and unites us with all Spaniards”.

It is a legacy that “today more than ever we must preserve and defend as a guarantee of our coexistence in democracy”, he defended.

Urkullu bets on agreements

The lehendakari, Inigo Urkulluhas insisted on the “permanent commitment” of his Government to “weave agreements” to achieve “a better present and future for the Basque Country” while acknowledging that “it is not always” “right” and that there are “rooms for improvement “.

Urkullu has taken stock and has set five challenges to start 2023 “with hope”: quality employment, ecological transition, innovation, commitment to youth and health.

The Lehendakari spoke of his commitment to the “common good” and of the need to “continue promoting agreements, with closeness and collaboration,” to respond to the demands and needs of Basque society, “paying special attention to those who most needs it.”

Vara sends a message of “ambition”

The Chairman of the Board, Guillermo Fernandez Varahas assured that the people of Extremadura are facing the challenge of being able to respond to all the projects that are coming to the region and that “they are going to allow Extremadura to enter its industrialization process through the front door”.

He added that the time is coming for people from Extremadura to be “enormously ambitious”, to do things “with enormous courage” and to have “all the illusion in the world focused on the possibilities that Extremadura has for its very recent future”.

Thus, he recalled projects such as the first battery factory for electric cars or the first semiconductor factory made from synthetic diamond, which will generate quality employment with good salaries and the development of life projects.

Rueda encourages “stay together”

The Galician president Alfonso Ruedahas invited the population, in his end-of-year televised message, to “stay together” in the face of uncertainty and “focus on what is truly important, the social welfare of Galicia”.

In his first message as president of the Xunta, after being sworn in on May 12 to replace Alberto Núñez Feijóo –who left office after being elected leader of the PP–, Rueda has indicated that his work in recent months has allowed “to place new investments at our doorstep.”

“Now all that remains is for the central government, which is the one who holds the keys to the distribution, to open it up,” he added, alluding to European funds, “so that they come in to create jobs, wealth and a better future in Galicia.”

“Social Climate”

The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia-Pagehas defended “the social, economic, political and cultural climate” that is enjoyed in his region, which allows stability and predictability, “very different from what is taking place in other places in Spain”, of which “we can boast” , and that he faces the “uncertainty” that prevails at the present time.

During the traditional New Year’s message, García-Page has assured that in Castilla-La Mancha “we are a guarantee that tomorrow, in the face of many adventures, when we have to talk about Spain, about the rights of citizens of my land, we will all speak”, has spread an institutional note.

“There is no other way and you can’t cheat here” and, for this reason, he has insisted that it is a “determination that we have on this earth” that is in contrast to the attitudes of those who “are permanently wasting their time seeing what What are they”.

“Unit Year”

The President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Mirasexpressed his confidence that 2023 will be a year “of unity and great consensus”, for which he invited to “advance together from harmony and moderation” because “together we are better and stronger”.

During his institutional message from the San Esteban Palace, López Miras especially highlighted the value of unity, and expressed his wish that in 2023 “we will all go in the same direction, without hesitation or sterile divisions”, so that “we all work by and for the Region of Murcia”.

“The citizens of Murcia prefer dialogue to noise; evidence to stridency, and realism to extremism”. This social majority, he added, “wants strong democratic institutions that guarantee the rule of law and, as the King recently stated, we are concerned about those behaviors that erode our constitutional model of coexistence.”

“Electoral Artifices”

The President of the Principality, Adrian Barbonhas assured that his Government will maintain in 2023, regardless of whether it is an election year, the rate of execution of the European funds with which it will be able to guarantee “the success of the ecological and digital transition”.

He has indicated that local and regional elections will be held at the end of next May, something for which the different parties will be preparing “from the next few weeks”.

However, he has assured that his government is not going to be entertained “with electoral artifices” because its priority is to defend the interests of Asturias “until the last minute of the legislature”, without being distracted by “the desire to advance the campaign”.

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