The ‘Red Sticks’ say goodbye to their World Cup

The ‘Red Sticks’ say goodbye to their World Cup

Spain falls (2-0) in the quarterfinals against a superior Australia

MADRID, July 13 (.) –

The Spanish women’s field hockey team fell (2-0) this Wednesday to Australia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup that is being played at the Terrassa Olympic Stadium.

The hostess’s dream, that of emulating the team that was Olympic champion on this same stage 30 years ago, vanished against a superior rival, who avoided any Spanish surprise with the support of the stands, from 1-0 to two minutes.

Australia met the Netherlands, while the other semi-final will be played by Argentina and Germany. Spain, bronze four years ago in London at the expense of the ‘aussies’, was in tow against the Australians from the first ‘penalty-corner’.

Taylor Renee shot the 1-0 at the first change, but those of Adrian Lock did not collapse. Spain did have to show off the good defensive level exhibited during the tournament and without taking their eyes off the rival goal. In fact, the hostess had the immediate response in another ‘penalty-corner’ that was narrowly missed.

The ‘Red Sticks’ left everything, as an example the blows that Lucía Jiménez and Candela Mejías took. Australia did not go crazy, although they did not let themselves be dominated by the rival as a slogan. Both wanted to play the same game and the challenge of pressure and dominance went to Katrina Powell’s.

Sara Barrios’s runs allowed Spain to go ahead in the second quarter, but Australia also knew how to defend themselves. The ‘aussies’ put intensity to prevent the hostess from growing up and before the break they touched the second. Melanie García saved that very clear occasion under the sticks.

On the counterattack, Lock’s men threatened, while after the break more Gigi appeared in midfield. Australia gave the responsibility to Spain but again found the punch of Taylor Renee in a ‘penalty-corner’ almost to the top corner in the 40th minute.

With the clock against them, the hosts looked for the epic, as against India in the previous match, but reaching the rival area became very complicated. Australia, very involved from the beginning, did not leave any gaps or suffer before some ‘Red Sticks’ who, in their renewed project after failing last year in the European Championship and the Games, will have to continue growing for the future and thinking of Paris 2024.


–RESULT: AUSTRALIA, 2 – SPAIN, 0. (1-0, at halftime).


AUSTRALIA: Jocelyn (P), Amy, Penny, Stephanie, Kaitlin, Jane, Karri, Renee, Hannah, Rebecca, Grace, Claire, Ambrosia, Maddy, Greta, Harriet, Mariah, Aleisha (P).

SPAIN: Melanie García (P), Candela Mejías, María López, Xantal Giné, Laura Barrios, Beatriz Pérez, Gerogina Oliva, Lucía Jiménez, Sara Barrios, Torres-Quevedo, Belén Iglesias, Marta Segu, Amundson, Maialen García, Clara Ycart, Begoña García, Laia Vidosa and Jana Martínez (P).


1 – 0, min.2, Taylor Renee.

2 – 0, min.40, Taylor Renee.

–REFEREES: Hannah Harrison and Sarah Wilson.

–FIELD: Terrassa Olympic Stadium.

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