The PSOE’s plan to evict ‘squatters’ in 48 hours opens another gap with United We Can, which does not intend to support it

“It is a large political error that the PSOE has bought the framework of the right”, underline the ‘purples’

MADRID, 6 Jan. (.) –

The PSOE’s commitment to expedite the evictions of ‘squatters’ in cases of home invasion, which is expected to be processed this January in Congress, will open a new gap with its partners in the coalition government, since United We Can advance who does not intend to support it.

Last September, the PSOE took advantage of the processing of the Justice Organizational Efficiency Law to present two legislative modifications to expedite the evictions of illegally occupied properties: that the judges can order the squatters to leave within 48 hours and that the people’s juries stop dealing with burglary cases.

In those amendments, collected by Europa Press, what the PSOE was proposing was a modification of the Criminal Procedure Law (LECrim) so that “in processes related to home invasions or usurpation of immovable property or real estate right of ownership alien”, the judge or court may agree to the eviction “within a maximum period of 48 hours from the request at the request of a legitimate party or from the referral of the police report, without the need for the provision of security, if the occupants of the property do not exhibit within said term the legal title that legitimizes the permanence in the property”.

And it included a second point to ensure that there is no neglect of minors or people of special vulnerability: “When, due to the adoption and execution of the eviction, the existence of people at risk of social exclusion or of special vulnerability or a situation of risk or possible neglect of a minor, the judge or court shall immediately notify the competent local or regional public entity in matters of social services and protection of minors, as well as the Public Prosecutor, so that they can adopt measures of protection that are necessary,” he specified.


Those amendments, publicly defended by Patxi López, were highly criticized at the time by Unidas Podemos, which accused the Socialists of being “off-center” and reminded them that “they do not govern with the PP.”

But the PSOE has gone ahead and has already sought the support of the PDeCAT, which was also presenting a proposal on this matter, and other parliamentary groups in order to include the legal change in the aforementioned organic law.

It is precisely this Justice Law and the Housing Law that the Government has asked Congress to approve this month of January, which augurs a new rift with Unidas Podemos, which has ratified its rejection.

In statements to Europa Press, the deputy of the United Left (IU) and deputy spokesperson for United We Can, Enrique Santiago, has acknowledged that they are “very critical” of the PSOE’s attitude regarding the right to housing and has advanced that they will not support ” none of the amendments that are proposed to laws to prove the catastrophic vision of the PP and the extreme right, which seek to turn their eyes away from the right to housing”.


“It seems to us absolutely a major political error that the PSOE has bought the framework of the right on the supposed danger of the occupation. The occupation in our country is a very, very limited, very small phenomenon, according to the statistics of the CGPJ and of the Ministry of the Interior”, he maintains.

As he assures, what is missing in the legislation are “more measures to control rents and their prices” and it is “a” political error “to try to replace the problem of homelessness by increasing the problem of ‘squatting’ , which by no means affects large groups”.

“And I add one important thing: if the right to decent housing were guaranteed to everyone in this country, there would be no occupancy problem,” he stressed.

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