The PSOE saves Rajoy from appearing in the ‘sewers’ and Unidas Podemos wants Pablo Iglesias to attend as a “victim”

The groups in Congress have already shown their cards in the face of the new commission of investigation on the sewers of the Interior in the Government of Mariano Rajoy. On this occasion, PSOE and Unidas Podemos have presented a separate list of appearing parties as they have not reached an agreement on the proposed names, according to sources from the confederal group.

In this sense, the PSOE has omitted from its list the name of Mariano Rajoy, the former president of the Executive under whom the acts that the parliamentary body wants to investigate were allegedly committed. Specifically, the new commission, the fourth that affects the PP, has the purpose of inquiring into the “actions of the Ministry of the Interior during the Government of the PP in relation to the alleged irregularities that link senior officials and police commanders with the existence of a vigilante plot”.

Unless there is a last-minute agreement with the rest of the groups, Mariano Rajoy will not go to Congress again, as happened in the last investigation commission on the case kitchenheld throughout 2021. And it is that, for another list from another group to receive a majority, the support of the PP would be needed, something that is ruled out beforehand.

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