The PSOE renounces its amendment to the trans law on the change of registered sex of minors

The Secretary for Equality PSOE, Andrea Fernandezhas made it clear this Tuesday that his group will not defend again in plenary the amendment to the trans law with which he proposed that a judge had to authorize the sex change in the registry in the case of minors under 16 years of age.

“We will support the law as it has come out of the Equality Commission because it is legitimate and proper,” he told journalists in Congress after yesterday, in the aforementioned commission, they did not get support for his amendment.

The trans law has divided the PSOE and deputies such as carmen bald they have not clarified what will be the direction of his vote when the project reaches plenary session, but Fernández does not believe that voting discipline will be broken.

“In any case, it will be a individual decision of each one”, Fernández added. “This is a government law and we are going to defend it beyond internal debates that are logical, and more so in such a large organization”, he stressed.

To justify that they do not maintain an amendment that, as they argued, gave legal certainty to the law in the face of possible appeals before the ConstitutionalFernández recalled that if he did not obtain the necessary majority in the Commission, either will reach it in plenary.

“We wanted to provide it with more legal certainty to protect the text, but the legislature has not considered it necessary; we consider that we have done our jobfight for what we considered to be better for the law, but it has not obtained a sufficient parliamentary majority, with which we understand that it should be so,” he explained.

Associations celebrate that the trans law is followed

The State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersex and more FELGTBI+, Fundación Triángulo and Chrysallis have celebrated the approval of this Monday in the Commission of the trans law and LGTBIQ+ without cuts in relation to minors.

For the president of FELGTBI+, Uge Sangil“the approval of the Trans and LGTBI+ Law in commission, without the main cuts that were intended to be imposed, is a essential step to achieve the rights of trans people and it is a merit of the activism and unity of the LGTBIQ+ collective”, which he remembers took to the streets last weekend with this claim.

From the Triángulo Foundation, its president, Jose Maria Nunezhas indicated that “if the Law is approved, the LGTBIQ+ collective as a whole will be guaranteed some Rights that up to now had been denied to him”.

However, the three organizations have indicated that they will continue working to to enrich the text and that the rights of non-binary people are also guaranteed. “The hard path of implementing the law will remain, essential to ensure that the equality be real and effective and the text does not remain a mere piece of paper”, they have declared in a joint statement.

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