The PSOE rejects the change of cycle and highlights that it achieved 30% of the vote in a conservative territory

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Sicily attributes the result to fragmentation but thinks that in a general election the vote for progress will return to the PSOE

MADRID, Feb. 14 (.) –

The spokesman for the PSOE, Felipe Sicilia, has indicated this Monday that although they are not satisfied with the result of the regional elections in Castilla y León this Sunday, the party has not suffered “a debacle” either and has defended that they have achieved 30% of votes in a conservative territory. In a national key, he has rejected that there has been a change in the trend of the vote towards the PP and has transferred that the central government has the support of the citizens despite several factors that have penalized its result.

In a press conference after the meeting of the Federal Executive, from the party’s national headquarters in Ferraz, Sicilia has defended that the PSOE has achieved a percentage of the vote similar to that obtained in this community in the last general elections held in the year 2019, despite the fact that two years of the pandemic have passed and the emergence of local platforms that have fragmented the vote and harmed the PSOE.

Thus, he has indicated that the results of the elections, where the PSOE lost 7 seats and close to 120,000 votes, are not satisfactory but they do not represent “a debacle, as some have wanted to suggest”, he has indicated, while underlining that they have won in four provinces, they have been practically tied with the PP in another six and have been 15,000 votes behind them.

Along these same lines, he indicated that the PP, which was the first force with 31 seats, two more than in the previous elections, has reaped “the worst result in its history” and “has left 55,000 votes.” Thus, he has added that if in the previous call they had already gone wrong, this time it has been worse because “they depend exclusively on the extreme right” to govern.


The socialist spokesman has argued that the idea of ​​changing the cycle, which, in his opinion, some want to impose “does not happen” and thus reflects the fact that the PP has not achieved a “large” majority despite the fact that it is a autonomous community where the conservative vote has been the majority. “If there is a change in the cycle, it is the one that has occurred on the right, the PP has stopped depending on Ciudadanos to depend on the extreme right,” he added.

In this sense, Sicilia has avoided self-criticism and has affirmed that the PSOE “is still strong” in Castilla y León, citizens continue to see it as a government option and continue to support its “progressive agenda”.

In addition, he has pointed out that the electoral results show that there are only two options for citizens, either that the PSOE governs or that the extreme right of Vox does so with the PP as “subordinate” and as “appendix”. Thus, he has insisted that there has not been a change in trend, that the PSOE feels supported and they are convinced that this support will go ‘in crescendo’ as the Executive continues to approve measures.


Finally, when asked about the damage that candidates such as Soria Ya and Unión del Pueblo Leonés could do to the PSOE in the face of general elections, Sicilia has indicated that when the time comes, the citizens will understand that the best option to defend their territories and also their “rights and freedoms” is to support the PSOE.

Likewise, he has added that in a general election the vote for “progress and advancement” will have to be in the PSOE to avoid the risk that the extreme right can govern and that will mean that the vote “does not become so fragmented”, it has ended.


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