The PSOE opens a disciplinary file against Carmen Calvo for not supporting the trans law

The trans law has been approved finally this Thursday in Congress, after the controversy and the lack of agreement between the government partners. one step in the defense of human rightsalthough it does not have the approval of all the members of the PSOE. Carmen Bald, who chairs the Congressional Equality Commission, broke the discipline of the socialist group by abstaining in the vote in the lower house, and the party has opened a disciplinary file to the former vice president. The investigation can last weeks, and the deputy is exposed to a fine of 600 euros, the maximum provided by the internal regulations.

The leadership of the Socialist Group, headed by Patxi López, will designate an instructor to study the case, having the last word the leadership of the parliamentary group.

This Thursday after the vote on the trans law in Congress, Calvo stated that “always” assumes the consequences of their actionswhen asked if she feared consequences for having skipped the discipline set by her party, which voted in favor of the law.

According to Calvo, he took the “most complex option”

Thus, he recognized that he had decided on the “most complex option.” He explained the meaning of his vote by stating that he “agrees that there is a law, but not this law“and that neither coincides” with the ‘no’ of the rights that are never there to protect these groups.

Bald has been the most visible face of the socialists opposed to the current law as it is drafted, delaying in the Council of Ministers giving the green light to the norm so that it could begin its parliamentary course.

The law promoted by the Ministry of Equality went ahead after a process of almost three months in the Lower House. A part of the socialists, led by the former vice president, was especially critical of the gender self determination and its supposed “consequences” on women’s rights. The approval of the law caused tension in the socialist group, where several parliamentarians they remained seated and did not applaud as a sign of disagreement, including Calvo herself.

Discrepancies over the trans law led to the voluntary departure of the historic activist from the PSOE carla antonelliwhich this Thursday celebrated the approval of the norm at the gates of Congress together with trans groups and some members of the PSOE and Unidas Podemos.

“For this trip, so many saddlebags were not needed, it was a human rights issue“, Antonelli declared to the media. “Reason is very stubborn and time is in charge of putting everything in its place,” he stated.

Antonelli rejects the idea of ​​returning to the PSOE and calls Calvo’s abstention “incoherent”, noting that in 2019 he was in favor of a text on the trans law with “more advanced points” than that of the norm approved this Thursday. “I can assure you that my backpacks are very light in luggage, everyone will know what they carry on their consciences and how will they be portrayed for history,” he said.

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