The PSOE celebrates that Urkullu assumes the energy saving plan, although it criticizes: “That is the attitude”

Patxi López says that, “if there has been a lack of dialogue, it will have to be replaced”, and assumes that there may be complaints or resources, but it must be fulfilled

BILBAO, Aug. 4 (.) –

The PSOE spokesman in the Congress of Deputies and former Lehendakari, Patxi López, has responded to the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, that “if there has been a lack of dialogue” on the energy saving plan, “it will have to be replaced”, but he considers it “perfect” that the Basque president make it clear that the Basque Country will comply with the measures even though he complains about the lack of co-governance. “That’s the attitude,” he ditches.

In an interview with Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, López referred to the controversy caused by the measures of the Energy Savings Plan approved by the central government by decree law. “We are the country ‘for serving no’ and, if the Government of Spain says so, less so, and if, moreover, it is not one of my own, less still”, he sums up.

The PSOE spokesperson thinks it is “perfect” that Urkullu has made it clear that the Basque Country will comply with the energy saving measures, even though he considers that the central Executive “could have made clear, in this case, the much proclaimed co-governance without excluding, from the start, the normative intervention of the Communities in the proposal of measures”.

“If there has been a lack of dialogue, it will have to be supplied, perfect, but that is the attitude, to say that this must be fulfilled. And, then, I already complain about what I have to complain about or I already resort to what I have to resort to”, has kept.

Regarding the Basque Government’s claim for its own plan, Patxi López has urged the regional government to comply with the state plan, and has asked himself “where all this noise is leading us”, when, in his opinion, “the best thing is to roll up our sleeves and collaborate all together, all people and all institutions, rowing together in the same direction to avoid greater evils”. In his opinion, all this controversy leads only to “an empty and artificial fight.”

López has said that, if he were at the head of the Basque Government, first “he would comply with what is a decree law and then he would say that we can do more and they could do it”, because “if we can do more, better”.

In this sense, he recalled that yesterday the Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, proposed a plan to attack the effects of the drought and has suggested what would happen if he said it was “an occurrence”.

“It does not seem like an occurrence to me, it seems to me that it is what has to be done, just like the Government of Spain, given what the European Union has proposed, has launched a decree to do what has to be done,” he added. , to insist that “there is no more controversy”.


However, when asked if this plan has not failed to be contrasted with the autonomous communities and more governance, López stated that “dialogue has to work at all times”, but considered that “what has to be done is to respond quickly to the situation and what the Government has done has been to respond quickly to the situation we are going through.

“The other thing – he insisted – is to close companies, they are very serious and very serious restrictions on our homes.” For this reason, she has summoned to “act first to do it well, to achieve this saving”.

In his opinion, that the Basque Executive will use the terms “gimmicky and occurrence” in relation to the energy saving plan of the Sánchez Executive “was out of place.” “What happens, is it an occurrence if the Government of Spain decides it and it is not an occurrence if the Basque Government decides it? Is it gimmicky if the Government of Spain decides it and is it not gimmicky if the Basque Government decides it?”, he insisted , to ask “stop the noise once and for all and let’s collaborate”.

As he pointed out, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is launching an energy saving plan that aims, “with effort, but with minimal effort, to save 7% of energy” and for that, he has indicated, “we moderate the temperature of air conditioners, we turn off shop windows at night and we regulate public lighting”.

“What are the Germans thinking with the enormous crisis that can cut off their gas that we are fighting over that?”, he asked, to remember that “what Europe was asking for was a 15% cut and closing the production of companies “.

In this sense, he has asked himself if “we do nothing and close Basque companies or make this small effort”. “The other is unsupportive and playing that this is an occurrence because the Government of Spain decides it, and it is not an occurrence because I decide it, it is not what touches at the moment, but to put our shoulders to the wheel and fight together to prevent these greater evils”, he warned. In this sense, he believes that “for sure” 27 degrees will be seen “normally” and that “if the shop windows don’t light up, nothing happens”.


On the other hand, López has stated that he does not equate the action of the Basque Government with that of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who assured that he was not going to comply with the measures of the central Executive. “If he did not comply, yes, because not complying with a decree law is not possible in a democracy, but I am convinced that he will comply,” she said.

Regarding the recourse announced by the Community of Madrid to the decree with the energy measures, the socialist spokesman has said that it seems “perfect”, since it is “a legal and democratic route that anyone can take”, but, as he has warned, “What cannot be is to say that I do not comply with it and that the Popular Party spokesman came out saying that he gave freedom to the autonomous communities to comply with it or not.”

In his opinion, “that is not giving freedom, that is granting impunity to commit a crime because the laws in a democracy are followed.” “If he wants to appeal it, he should appeal it, but while he complies with it,” he has reiterated.

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