The provincial secretaries of the PSOE give their support to Sánchez “so that he can move forward to form a progressive government”

All the provincial secretaries of the PSOE This Sunday they signed a manifesto in which they ask Pedro Sanchez that prospers, with the support of all the territories, in the formation of a government “progressive and coexistence”, which gives continuity to the recent years “of progress” in Spain.

“Today, Spain has a majority to advance in a progress and coexistence project“says the manifesto, signed by the provincial and insular general secretaries of the PSOE, first and first secretaries of the PSC federations and representatives of the party’s uniprovincial federations.

The document has been presented at a meeting held at the Julián Besteiro School, in Madrid, by the general secretary of the PSOE of Badajoz, Rafael Lemus; that of León, Javier Cendón, and that of Huelva, Maru Limón. In addition, it has already been signed by the former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

In the manifesto, the provincial secretaries support and encourage Sánchez to work to achieve his inauguration as president of the government.

“The trust in him,” they say, “is the trust we place in the formation of a progressive Executive

“Trust in him,” they say, “is the trust we place in the formation of a progressive Executive, which opens a new stage of social advances in favor of a democracy based on gender equality, on coexistence that rests on recognition of the diversity of Spainof its democratic memory and the spirit of coexistence”.

The signatories assure that they face this new stage “with full enthusiasm and determination”, and ask Sánchez to lead it to form a Government of progress and coexistence, of “a modern, social, feminist, Europeanist Spain, a reference in rights and freedoms “.

And, “in the face of a scorched earth political strategy, which trusts everything to disqualifications and personal attack to our general secretary, we are going to assert all the respect that the PSOE deserves,” they say.

“The achievements of the progressive coalition government have been evident and transcendental”

For the provincial secretaries, “the achievements of the progressive coalition government have been evident and transcendental for the advancement of our country.”

And they mention, among them, job creation policiesgender equality, the reform of the labor market, the expansion of citizens’ rights and freedoms, and the approval of the Democratic Memory Law.

The manifesto emphasizes that, the 23J, the expression of the polls was “clear, with a no to Feijóo confirmed in Parliament.” And, therefore, the commitment of the PSOE, according to the socialists, is to form a Government “of progress” with Sumar, to revalidate the agreements “that gave such good results in the last legislature.”

For the provincial secretaries, PP and Vox asked for the vote to repeal a progressive Government with a strategy based “exclusively on the insult and the lie“, but, as they warn, that bet failed on July 23.

“If PP and Vox had had enough votes, today Spain would have a government of the right and the extreme right”

“If PP and Vox had had enough votes, today Spain would have a Government of the right and the extreme right. Exactly the same as has happened in all the communities and town councils where they have joined, although the Socialist Party was the most voted force in many of them. they assure.

They are aware, as they point out, that at “PP of today does not like today’s PSOE, just as the PP of before did not like the PSOE of before”, but they demand that “insults and lies as a way of doing politics” be abandoned.

They also demand that the PP “return to the constitutional consensus” and put an end to the “blocking which has been subjected to the governing body of judges during the last five years”.

“We do not ask for the support of the PP to govern, our political projects are very different,” say the socialists. They also demand that the popular people abandon “the radical nature of their embrace with the extreme right and return to respect for the basic consensus“.

During the presentation of the manifesto, those attending the event kept a minute of silence for the victims of declared fire this Sunday morning in a nightclub in Murcia.

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