The Prosecutor’s Office opposes investigating the former adviser to Iglesias for false testimony as requested by the judge of the ‘Dina case’

The judge of the National High Court Manuel Garcia Castellon has asked the Madrid courts to investigate whether the former Podemos adviser Dinah Bousselham committed an alleged crime of false testimony when he declared in the piece of the Tándem macrocause or ‘Villarejo case’ about the path his phone card had since the cell phone was stolen in 2015 until part of the information it contained was leaked and published in various media.

In a car, to which this newspaper has had access, the judge admits the request of the Association of European Jurists ProLegeconstituted in popular accusation, in which he requested that testimony be deducted from Bousselham and his ex-partner for allegedly having lied in his judicial statements.

The prosecutionfor its part, has opposed García Castellón’s claim, in a letter, to which it has had access Publicin which he insists that “with the result of the expert report on the origin of the damage to the card, the attribution to Pablo Iglesias Turrión of a crime of computer damage is unfeasible.”

Prosecutors César de Rivas and Miguel Serrano refer to the “inadmissibility” of opening a separate room for an alleged crime of perjury, which would correspond to the courts of Plaza de Castilla, since “the vagueness [y] contradictions (sic)” of Bousselham and his then partner would not have altered “in any way the result of the investigation”.

But García Castellón remains firm in a kind of crusade against Pablo Iglesias and his former adviser Dina Bousselham. This Thursday it has also agreed to request the Courts of Alcorcón (Madrid) to investigate whether the former adviser to Iglesias committed an alleged crime of false accusation and complaint and / or crime of simulation of the crime when he reported in 2015 the theft of his mobile, which ended in the hands of Commissioner Villarejo.

In his order, the magistrate refers to Bousselham’s contradictions about the state of the card when Iglesias returned it, who had received it from the hands of those responsible for the defunct magazine Interview.

Regarding García Castellón’s decision to extend the ‘Dina case’ in another direction, the leader of Podemos Juanma del Olmo asks in a tweet: “Is Judge García Castellón carrying out his work in a corrupt manner?”


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