The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the alleged scam of a logistics company that would amount to more than 50 million euros

MADRID, Sep. 9 (.) –

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has initiated investigative proceedings to investigate the alleged massive fraud committed by a logistics company whose managers allegedly disappeared along with the merchandise that was in its warehouses, whose value amounts to more than 50 million euros .

Legal sources have explained to Europa Press that the affected companies are located in several countries of the European Union. Specifically, it would be more than 30 companies in the IT sector that would have been defrauded by Transecort Logistics.

According to the documentation consulted by this news agency, the investigating prosecutor of these proceedings held a hearing which was attended by the administrator of one of the companies as a complainant.

In his complaint, sent to the Public Ministry, the owner of Winnersoft explains that his company, established in 2011, is dedicated to the marketing of electronic products. Transecort Logistics, the company denounced, was in charge of the logistics work in Spain.


In his letter, the complainant warns of a “great economic repercussion in the media of companies from several countries of the European Union”. “And in particular in the company that I represent, whose actions have caused me, for the moment, a loss of 5,529,061.81 euros,” he explains.

The complainant went to the Prosecutor’s Office after on September 2 he personally appeared at the logistics ship. “We went to Madrid to go personally to the warehouse and proceed to remove our merchandise, which was closed, there were no workers, and we do not know if our merchandise is still in the warehouse,” he says.

In the place, he explains, “were several managers of other affected companies from various countries of the European Union, with the same concern.” “Since they have not been able to recover their merchandise (for what they said were significant amounts) or locate any person, we discovered that the people responsible are giving different versions of what happened and are deceiving us,” he adds.

The defense of all these companies supposedly affected -about thirty-, exercised by Vox Legis, explains that the 50 million euros swindled would correspond exclusively to the value of the merchandise deposited in the warehouses of the logistics company.

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