The Prosecutor’s Office extends its decision to archive the investigation of the King Emeritus for six more months

The State Attorney General (FGE), Dolores Delgado, has signed a decree establishing extend another six months plus the investigation proceedings of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office regarding King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.

As he has been able to confirm in tax sources Europa Press, these investigations will be extended until June 2022, although the full term does not have to be exhausted.

Prosecutors have decided to wait for a letter rogatory that must come from Switzerland. However, everything indicates that his long investigation into the opaque fortune of Juan Carlos I will be shelved. Thus, the emeritus king will not have to face a lawsuit or go to declare to the Supreme.

Now, with the extension on the table, the prosecutors do not have much more to contribute to what has already been investigated, except for those data that come from Switzerland. However, this extension removes even a few weeks the possibility that the investigation procedures will be closed, so it is not expected to happen before the Christmas break.

This could delay the intention of the emeritus to return to Spain since the foreseeable file encouraged him to consider the return very seriously.

The pardon of the Prosecutor’s Office will save the emeritus a complaint, but what worries the environment of Juan Carlos I is that the document in the file “contains a harsh censorship of his conduct and assume that he committed crimes from which he would only be exonerated by the immunity he enjoyed as head of State, because they were prescribed or have regularized his tax situation. “


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