The Prosecutor’s Office asks to acquit Errejón because the kick to the Lavapiés neighbor has not been proven


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The complainant’s lawyer asks that the leader of Más País be fined 6,000 euros and compensation of 1,500 euros


The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has requested that an acquittal be issued for the deputy of Más País Íñigo Errejón for the alleged kicking of a Lavapiés neighbor who denounced him. As he has concluded, “it has not been proven that he was the author of a minor crime of mistreatment.”

This has been pronounced in the framework of the trial that has been held this Friday in the Courts of Plaza de Castilla after the oral hearing was suspended on January 25 to resolve whether, as the Public Ministry pointed out, “the principle of objective impartiality” as the judge who judges is the same one who directed the investigation.

In this session, in which the complainant has confirmed and Errejón has denied the kick, the Prosecutor’s Office has estimated that from what was heard the “only” thing that has been clear is that both coincided in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés on the night of the 2nd of May and that the neighbor asked the deputy for a photo.

“In no case has it been proven that the kick has occurred,” said the prosecutor when communicating her conclusions. In this sense, she has recalled that “none of the police officers has seen what has happened” and that there are neighbors who have not been able to see the moment of the alleged kick. In addition, she has stressed that the versions of the complainant and the deputy are opposite and that there is no conclusive version.

“If we combine all these elements, there is no supporting evidence that proves that Errejón kicked that day and at that time. There is no evidence,” he insisted.

The leader’s defense has adhered to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and has assured that his client deserves an acquittal, although –in his opinion– “what has been proven is that there was never a kick.”

For his part, the complainant’s lawyer has asked the Court to sentence the leader of Más País to a fine of 6,000 euros –100 euros per day for 60 days– and compensation of 1,500 euros.


Within the framework of the trial, almost a year after the reported events, Errejón has denied before the substitute judge of the Court of Instruction Number 16 of Madrid that he committed an alleged minor crime of mistreatment. “I have never kicked anyone in my life,” he has said.

The leader has arrived at the Courts of Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid, shortly before 10:00 in the morning. It is the second time that he faces this trial, since on January 25 the hearing was suspended to ask the Provincial Court if the judge who was judging him should abstain because he had directed the previous investigation and there could be incompatibility. Finally, it was set that the trial would be in charge of another judge.

This Friday, Errejón has categorically denied the facts related to the alleged kick. “I have moved his arm away. I have never kicked anyone in my life. What I do is move my arm away, because I find it very offensive that a person to whom you have said no several times says: ‘ Come on, little red,'” he said.

The deputy has related that that night he went out with some friends. As he explained, they had gone to a bar where they stayed until 10:30 p.m., because there was a time set for the premises to close. At the exit, once they were in the street, he saw two men approaching him.

“The shortest one tells me: ‘Man, Errejón’. ‘Errejón, take a picture of me,'” said the deputy, who explained that he refused to take the picture. “Forgive me, it’s been a long campaign. I have to go.”

Within the framework of his statement, he has stressed that although he usually takes photos “with everyone”, when he says that not “normally people understand it”. “In this case, this gentleman kept insisting on me,” he stressed.

Errejón has said that he felt “uncomfortable” and insisted that the photo would not be taken. According to the deputy, the neighbor replied: “Come on, reddish, take a picture with me”, something that the complainant denied at the end of the trial in statements to the press.

The leader of Más País has reported that after his refusal, the neighbor began “to get very angry” and that a colleague suggested that they leave the place. “I get angry with my friend because on top of that I have to go. But why do I have to go?” He said, later adding that the man snapped at him: “Bastard, I’m going to screw up your life.”

Asked why he waited until Tuesday to appear before the media about what happened, Errejón explained that it is that day when he has a press conference in Congress. “If I had to be responding to what is published on digital …”, he has indicated without completing the sentence.


The complainant, for his part, has ratified the complaint he filed with the police. He has reviewed the events that, according to him, occurred on the night of May 2, 2021, when he went down with his dog and a friend of his for a walk around the neighborhood.

He has assured that during that walk he saw the leader of Más País and told his friend: “That’s Iñigo Errejón, I’m going to ask him for a photograph.” According to him, he then approached the deputy and told him that he already had a photo with the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero.

To the thread, he has ratified that the deputy denied him the photo and that he kicked him. “When he kicks me I feel great pain,” he pointed out after insisting that as a result of what happened he asked his friend to call the police, but he told her that he did not have a telephone.

“In 30 seconds a man of color jumps out, a man about two meters tall who says: ‘Don’t call the Police'”, he assured after suggesting that it would be “Errejón’s bodyguard”.

Although the leader has confirmed that the “black man” was at the scene, he has not mentioned whether he knew him or not, he has only said that he was “taking advantage of the people.”

The Police agent of the Citizen Security patrol who approached the scene has assured that this “black person” is “a regular in the area.”

During his statement, the complainant denied that he addressed the deputy with insults or bad manners. He has assured that he does not have any kind of animosity against Errejón, although he has acknowledged that he has tweeted against him on occasion. He has also denied being “far right”. “I am from the Popular Party,” he has said.

In the framework of the interrogation, the man has stressed that he has been anxious for a year. In addition, as he already indicated in the complaint, the alleged kick had affected a hernia that he said he had. “I was very lucky, when I went to the doctor he told me: ‘If you are 30 centimeters closer, your guts are on the ground,'” he said.


In the trial, which has lasted for more than three and a half hours, two agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies and five witnesses have also appeared: a man who accompanied the complainant, who has supported the version in which Errejón delivers the alleged kick; a neighbor who called the Police, who explained that she did not see the moment of the attack, but that she did see the complainant complain on the street; and three Errejón party comrades, who have assured that the deputy did not kick the neighbor.

Upon leaving the Court, the complainant has assured that he is “happy” with the trial and that he hopes that “justice will be done”. In addition, he has defended that what he denounced “was not fake news.” “Everything has been true”, he has insisted.

Errejón, who had already answered questions from the media upon his arrival, left the building at the end of the hearing through another of the exits and has not made any statements to the press.

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