The prosecutor requests 9 years in prison for Villarejo for another spy assignment in Marbella

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor requests 9 years in prison for commissioner José Villarejo for crimes of passive bribery and discovery of secrets committed by a public official for a report on the Marbella businessman Felipe Gómez Zotano in relation to an economic dispute he had with a woman.

It’s about the part Marbellanumber 8 of the Tándem’ case, which is opened after the complaint by the businessman from Marbella against Villareja, whom he accuses of pressuring him in favor of a neighbor who was claiming “borrowed” money seven years ago through the courts.

In their indictment, the prosecutors request the same sentence for the commissioner Enrique García Castaño, eight years for the former chief inspector Constancio Riaño, four years and nine months for the former police officer Antonio Bonilla and the same sentence for Villarejo’s lawyer and partner. , Raphael Round.

For these facts, the former number 2 of the Police, the former deputy director of operations (DAO) of the Police Eugenio Pino, was also accused, although the head of the Central Court of Instruction 6 of the National Court, left him out of the case by end of your investigation.

Now, the prosecutors also renounce to accuse the lawyer David Macías, but they do appreciate criminal responsibility in the rest of the defendants.

The representatives of the public ministry maintain that in this piece number 8 of the Tándem case, Villarejo and his company (Grupo Cenyt) received an order from MK (the woman who claimed an economic amount from Gómez Zotano) in the summer of 2015 to initiate a strategy civil and criminal joint venture in order for him to restitute the amounts that she had given him on account of a real estate relationship between them in Benahavís (Málaga).

According to his letter, following the usual methods of this “criminal consortium”, Villarejo, with the essential intervention of the other defendants, carried out an investigation into the businessman that culminated in a report that was presented to the court in which the woman had filed a complaint. During it, the defendants came to access confidential data of the businessman.

To do this, they resorted to databases and records that are not accessible to the public and to which they were able to enter due to the intervention of the police officers investigated.

According to prosecutors, there is no record that the woman made any payment to the Villarejo business group.

Public investigated this piece, concluding that there are many indications that, as has been happening, the alleged commission and the cross-complaint between Gómez Zotano and the woman who denounced him hides a different story, the one that explains Villarejo’s intervention and the actions he carries out.

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