The president of the PP of Salamanca resigns after his imputation for the Mañueco primaries

Javier Iglesias, president of the PP of Salamanca, investigated in the ‘primary case’ on the alleged illegal financing of the Salamanca party in the framework of the 2017 primaries, has presented his resignation this Friday and leaves the party in the hands of a manager until the celebration of a forthcoming congress. Iglesias, however, continues to lead the Salamanca Provincial Council, of which he is also president.

The decision has been made known at the meeting that the provincial executive committee is holding, where the electoral and campaign committees are being set up before next year’s municipal elections.

As Iglesias has related to the media, it is “a personal decision, a very thoughtful decision, which was made a long time ago and absolutely reasoned.”

Iglesias began to be investigated a year ago for a case of illegal financing in the 2017 primaries, which led to the election of the current president of the Board as a PP candidate for the regional elections, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco.

The judge sees indications of illegal financing in the anonymous donations that were used to pay arrears of PP affiliates, so that they could participate in the primaries. If an affiliate was not up to date with his payment, he could not participate in that electoral process.

Javier Iglesias, however, maintains his position as president of the Salamanca Provincial Council. Last week, two motions registered in due time and form by the PSOE were refused to be debated in plenary session of the Provincial Council about his resignation after being charged for the alleged illegal financing of the PP. The PSOE denounced the attitude of Iglesias by eliminating them from the agenda, without giving legal justification or based on any regulatory compliance, with the sole argument that “here I command and what I say is done”, as denounced this past Thursday the spokesman for the Socialist Group, Fernando Rubio.

Javier Iglesias is the great victim of the judicial investigation, in which he has finally been accused, like the party at the national level, and the provincial manager, for the alleged illegal financing of the PP in Salamanca.

But who knows the political reality of Salamanca knows that nobody takes a step in the PP of Salamanca, nor in its institutions that have governed for three decades, without looking at the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

The primaries of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco in 2017 have been under suspicion since in 2019 an anonymous complaint filed with the Salamanca Prosecutor’s Office showed evidence of the illegal financing of the PP in this province to lead the current president of Castilla y León to be the leader of his party in the community. The objective was to be able to run for the Presidency in an election that he lost, but in which he was able to seize power thanks to the Government pact with Citizens.

The plot was hatched from the Salamanca City Council itself, where Mañueco was mayor. before Javier Iglesias, who had to order all public officials of the PP in Salamanca to contribute black money to be able to cover the debts of delinquent members of the PP, and so that they could vote in those primaries in favor of Mañueco.

In turn, Iglesias was president of the Diputación, from where he was calling, according to information provided to Publicto delinquent affiliates and public officials to manage the orders of Mañueco.

Since he took charge in 2008, when he succeeded Julián Lanzarote, Javier Iglesias has combined his role in the PP with the Presidency of the Diputación de Salamanca. The political cart of Javier Iglesias has been united and subordinated to that of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. He was mayor of Ciudad Rodrigo, a senator and, for the moment, maintains his position as president of the Salamanca Provincial Council.

plot story

It was Fernando Martínez Maíllo from Castilian Leon, general coordinator of the PP in Genoa during the time of Mariano Rajoy, who in the last Congress in which Mariano Rajoy was elected president, in 2017, introduced the modality of open primaries so that the militants could choose their leaders.

When organizing the congress in Castilla y León for March 2017, it was discovered that it was expected to have 58,000 members and that there are only 7,000, “because all the others have either disappeared or died,” explained former party officials.

Mañueco and Maíllo discover that a budget of about 150 euros on average was needed to pay the outstanding fee of each delinquent member. At least 5,000 of the 7,000 who could vote in those Primaries were not up to date.

The organizing committee of the Mañueco primaries decides that the money with which these fees are to be paid is contributions of entrepreneurs in money B. and that of party officials from all of Castilla y León, with institutional representation who also, as happened in Salamanca, are asked for around 500 euros in cash and without any justification.

“Several prominent companies in the community collaborate with significant amounts that help to achieve almost 500,000 euros,” a former senior member of the Board acknowledged. With this amount in B. Mass deposits are made in branches and ATMs that are going to be deposited in the accounts of the PP of each province, without prior authorization or information to the affiliates.

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