The president of the Peruvian Judiciary summons Pedro Castillo and the head of Congress to a meeting

MADRID, November 27 (.) –

The president of the Peruvian Judiciary, Elvia Barrios Alvarado, has issued an invitation this Saturday for President Pedro Castillo and the head of Congress, José Williams, to meet this Sunday in a Council of State to adopt decisions that “guarantee democratic governance ” of the country, according to a statement.

Specifically, Barrios Alvarado hopes that talks “based on inter-institutional dialogue” can be held within the framework of the Constitution, after Castillo has again renewed the Council of Ministers after a loss of confidence in the Chamber.

The appointment of the body has been set for 12:00 pm on Sunday and involves a meeting of the high officials of the three Peruvian powers, which is used to having the objective of addressing urgent issues for the country. In addition, the Nation’s prosecutor and the president of the Constitutional Court frequently also participate, according to ‘La República’.

The refusal of Congress to support the proposal of the now former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres to reform the referendum calling law, with which the Executive intended to repeal Law 31399, a rule that since the beginning of 2022 has hindered the calling of a vote popular, generated the renewal of the group of ministers.

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