The president of the Madrid Court and a member of the CGPJ participate in a Mayor Oreja event against the amnesty

Jaime Mayor Oreja has good contacts in the judicial world. The former Minister of the Interior in the Government of José María Aznar He has managed to get three active magistrates, all of them with significant positions in the field of Justice, to join his public campaign against the amnesty law.

The appointment will take place this Thursday late in the afternoon. The Neos platform directed by Mayor Oreja, has reserved a room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid, located at number 49 Paseo de la Castellana, to hold a meeting there under an eloquent motto: Assault on justice.

Several well-known faces from the judicial field will be at the table. One of the speakers will be Juan Pablo Gonzálezcurrent president of the Provincial Court of Madrid and former member of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) between 2001 and 2008.

This magistrate was challenged in the trial by the Gürtel plot due to his affinity with the PP. Not in vain, González participated in conferences of the FAES Foundation and he had the support of the popular people at different times in his professional career.

The conference organized by the platform directed by Mayor Oreja will also feature the participation of José María Macíasmember of the CGPJ and partner of Cuatrecasas, one of the most important law firms in the country.

Macías does not hide his differences with the Government regarding the amnesty law. In various public appearances and also through the social network X (formerly Twitter), The jurist has criticized the Executive for promoting that measure.

“The destruction of the rule of law is beginning to materialize”

“Has there ever been any doubt that the objective was to persecute the judges? The destruction of the rule of law is beginning to materialize,” he wrote on November 17 in a message published in the Junts and PNV initiative in Congress to investigate the so-called Operation Catalunya.

The magistrate Luisa María Gómez Garridopresident of the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla La Mancha (TSJCLM) is also among the list of speakers who will be at the Intercontinental Hotel this Thursday.

Gómez Garrido has also been against granting an amnesty to Catalan independentists, a measure that he classified as “unconstitutional from the beginning”according to a message he published on the social network X.

“Judges can be attacked with impunity without real cost, since they cannot defend themselves, nor do they play on the same field or with the same weapons,” he stated on January 19 in another text, in which he criticized the statements made by the vice president Teresa Ribera around the amnesty law.

“The ordinary citizen must submit to the action of justice. The friendly politician is above the law and the mere invocation of being ‘doing politics’ should serve to suspend the application of the Rule of Law,” he stressed then.

The event organized by the Mayor Oreja platform will also feature the intervention of Teresa Freixesprofessor of Law and member of the Professors’ Forum, another of the entities in the “constitutionalist” orbit that opposes an amnesty.

“Growing discredit”

The event will also have the former UPyD deputy as a guest. Francisco Sosa Wagnerwho today appears as president of the Civic Platform for Judicial Independence (PCIJ), an organization made up of jurists that rejects the amnesty law.

In fact, this Thursday’s event will serve to present the manifesto launched by PCIJ in which it denounces the “political threats that question the independence of the Judiciary” and warns about the “intention of some political parties to ideologically colonize Justice.”

“Spanish citizens cannot allow political power undermine the independence of the Judiciary through the placement of like-minded judges, who are expected to rule in a manner favorable to the interests or ideology of those who appoint them to consolidate their ideological hegemony,” he criticizes.

It also warns about the “growing discredit of the jurisdictional function of judges and courts through the opinions expressed by some ministers and deputies of various political formations, leading to dynamite the constitutional modelplacing the judges as a political target with no possibility of reaction or defense.”

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