The president of the Justice Commission of Congress also presents an appeal before the Constitutional

The president of the Justice Commission and deputy of the PSOE, Philip Sicilyhas also filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court to ask the court of guarantees not to block the legislative reform already approved by the Lower House.

Given the very precautionary measure requested by the PP, and “as a party to the legislative procedure that is the object of the indicated amparo appeal and author of one of the Agreements that are challenged therein”, Sicilia requests its appearance in the open procedure.

The parliamentarian asks to be heard for being president of the commission in which the amendments of the PSOE and Unidas Podemos were reproduced to modify the organic laws of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Courtand for being the one who made the decision to reject the call for a meeting of the Bureau of the commission to discuss a reconsideration letter presented by the PP against the admission of said corrections.

“This procedure was developed in accordance with all the constitutional and regulatory provisions and culminated, within the Commission
that I preside, with the debate and vote of the own initiative and of the
amendments made by the parliamentary groups”, he adds.

Likewise, in line with what was formulated by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, Sicilia has requested the recusal of the president of the Constitutional Court, Pedro Gonzalez-Trevijanoand the also conservative magistrate Antonio Narvaezboth with expired mandate and who are affected by the reform promoted by the Government to renew the court itself.

“The composition of the Chamber or Plenary of the body must be such that it should not allow the slightest doubt regarding the impartiality of those who make it up, and that is why, in strict terms of defense and as best appropriate,
in law by means of this letter I raise this possible challenge”, explains the text of the appeal to which this medium has had access.

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