The president of the Congress of Peru calls for the resignation of the prime minister

MADRID, July 10 (.) –

The president of the Congress of Peru, Maricarmen Alva Prieto, has called this Saturday for the resignation of the prime minister, Aníbal Torres, after he has questioned the work of the country’s Armed Forces.

“I would ask him to step aside and resign. If he doesn’t resign, I don’t know what the president is waiting for to ask him to resign,” Alva said.

Likewise, the president of Parliament has expressed her support for the Armed Forces and the Police, during the event of the Bicentennial of the Congress of the Republic, which was held in the Plaza de Armas of the city of Piura, in the northwest of the country.

“I apologize for such unfortunate statements by the prime (minister),” Alva said. However, he has pointed out that the Peruvian people are “used” to his statements, so they “cannot expect anything” from the politician.

“He was quiet for a while because they told him not to speak, but it seems that he can’t handle his genius. What can you expect from someone who says he admires Hitler (…)”, he lamented.

The Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres, publicly apologized this Friday to the country’s security forces and promised to reinforce them after the Joint Command of the Peruvian Armed Forces rebuked the words of the president, who criticized the work of the bodies of security.

Torres has apologized if with his words last Thursday during a Council of Ministers held in Cajamarca, in northern Peru, he offended the country’s Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces issued a statement accusing Torres of “undermining the selfless work carried out” by the agents, who fight “against terrorist remnants and drug trafficking” and work “very hard” for the benefit of the population, according to the Peruvian radio station RPP. .

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