The president of El Salvador threatens to starve imprisoned gang members if violence picks up

“I swear to God they won’t eat a single rice and we’ll see how long they last.” These have been the words with which the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has addressed the groups of the thousands of gang members who are currently in prison. The threat has taken place after some colleagues of the imprisoned had announced “revenge” for the exceptional regime that the country is currently experiencing.

In El Salvador, a state of emergency has been declared, promoted by the Government and endorsed by the National Assembly, close to Bukele, with the aim of “controlling the disturbances.” In nine days, the Salvadoran security forces 6,000 alleged members of armed groups have been arrested and there would be 22,000 in total already in prison.

The Constitution of El Salvador allows the Legislative Assembly to suspend constitutional rights in extreme circumstances, including
the existence of “serious disturbances of public order”. The exception regime is valid for one month, extendable once more for that month.
Same time.

It was during a graduation ceremony National Academy of Public Safety when the president wanted to send a message “to the criminals who are outside”, in the face of “rumors” that “they want to start taking revenge on honest people, at random”: “Do that and there won’t even be a meal time in prisons,” he warned in a speech.

Measures that contravene Human Rights

From different international organizations, defenders of Human Rights, have severely criticized the measures imposed to “contain” street violence in the Latin American country. Faced with this questioning, Bukele has been blunt, making it clear that “he does not care” what these institutions may say about the violation of the rights of its citizens.

“Let them come to protect our people, let them come to take these gang members away if they love them so much. We give them all to them, two for one,” he added. According to Bukele, there are NGOs that “need a bloodbath to be able to criticizebecause that’s what they live for.”

“The international community does punish its criminals with severe penalties, but they don’t want us to punish ours because
we are their social experiment and they profit from the bloodbath in El Salvador,” declared the president.


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