The PP uses the spirit of the Transition to request an agreement that reforms the regional financing system

Rollán warns that “the seams” of the current model “have blown up” and urges Sánchez to agree on the parties

MADRID, Aug. 14 (.) –

The Deputy Secretary for Autonomous and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, has appealed to the “high-mindedness that was taken in the Transition process” to demand an agreement between the different autonomous communities and the political parties to reform the financing system autonomous, although he believes that the proposals of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, are more oriented to “please” the socialist ‘barons’.

He has said it in an interview with Europa Press, where Rollán has disdained the new approaches of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to reform the regional financing model and asks him not to take a “unilateral position” if he is willing to “sit down to negotiate” this system.

“You have to sit down to work with a blank sheet of paper and in which part of the claims of all the autonomous communities are taken into consideration. You have to have the same high vision that was had in the Transition process to de establish a new regional and local financing model once and for all”, the ‘popular’ leader has proclaimed.

And it is that, from his point of view, Montero’s new proposals believe that they go more in the direction of “satisfying” the regional presidents of the PSOE in a “petit committee” than “having a sincere will to agree.”


With everything, Rollán has urged the Government of Pedro Sánchez to take the lead in the negotiation between the different autonomous communities of all political signs to carry out the new financing model.

“It is a circumstance in which you should not only talk to your own, you have to talk to each and every one of the regional presidents, because if we talk about a new model of regional financing, it surpasses political formations”, Rollán proclaimed to the be asked if they plan to summon their ‘barons’ to establish a common position.

In this context, the ‘popular’ leader has lamented that the “seams of regional financing have been blown up”, for which he has once again urged Sánchez to “sit down” or to entrust the competent ministries with the preparation of a new financing model “with the participation of communities and town councils”.


Likewise, he recalled that the current regional financing model “was negotiated by a former president of the PSOE who bowed to the interests of a community to the detriment of a very important part of the rest of Spain.”

In fact, he has denounced that this negotiation was “the toll” to “pay” the support and agreements with the Generalitat of Catalonia, disapproving of the current Dialogue Table between Sánchez and the Catalan Government.

In this line, he has charged against the “submission that Pedro Sánchez is doing to Junts, ERC and Bildu”, also in terms of regional financing, for which he believes that “the conditions are not met or the sincere will in which the general interest”.

“I would like to be wrong, but it would mean that the President of the Government would make a 180-degree turn, and since he is generally interested in what is his own first and then what is his own, I do not think that this reassures any community other than the Generalitat of Catalonia or the Basque Government”, Rollán has settled.


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