The PP uses the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco to criticize the memory law

For the PP, the Democratic Memory Law “seeks to divide society” and “resurge debates that are out of date.” In addition, they consider that the Spaniards “are not here” for this “with the one that is falling.” This was said this Wednesday by the spokesperson and general secretary of the popular party, Cuca Gamarra, during the usual press conference after the Board of Spokespersons in Congress. “This doesn’t pass the cotton wool test of democratic memory,” she said.

Despite the rejection of the PP, the Government will presumably carry out the law after the agreements reached with various political forces, including EH Bildu. Among other things, the nationalist coalition agreed with the Executive to extend the temporary application of the law until the end of 1983 (and not until 1978, the year of the Constitution). What for the popular means: a maneuver of the “sanchismo” to “question part of socialism”.

“No democrat can allow Bildu to be the protagonist of rewriting the history of what the transition means,” affirmed the number two from Genoa. Gamarra took advantage of the anniversary of the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco by ETA to connect both events and delegitimize EH Bildu. “In these days when society remembers what the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco Bildu meant, he cannot be the one to rewrite the story about the transition,” he settled.

The story about the renewal of the CGPJ

The PP spokeswoman also had to respond to questions from the press about the renewal of the CGPJ. The Congress will launch the parliamentary processing of the proposal of the law for a reform of the law of the Judicial Power that allows unblocking the Constitutional Court. The negotiations between the PSOE and the PP are still blocked, the popular demand that the reform be paralyzed to resume them.

Gamarra confirmed on Wednesday that there have been no talks with the government to channel the negotiations, but he says that in the PP “we continue to work on it.” They promised three weeks ago to present an agreement proposal within a month.


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