The PP undertakes to increase agricultural income “as soon as possible” in the face of the “difficult” situation in the countryside

File – A forage field, on June 29, 2023, in Xinzo de Limia, Ourense, Galicia (Spain). Forage is called herbs, green or dry grasses and, by extension, various plants or plant organs that are used to feed animals – August – Europa Press – Archive

MADRID, Aug. 26 (-) –

The deputy secretary for Social Policies and the Demographic Challenge of the PP, Carmen Fúnez, has defended the commitment of her formation to increase agricultural income in a scenario of increased costs of raw materials and fertilizers.

On the occasion of the 37th edition of the Viticulturist’s Day in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), Fúnez explained that producers are going through “difficult times” because they have not been able to reflect the increase in seed and fertilizer costs in the final price.

This, the ‘popular’ has said, has caused in part that agricultural income has fallen by up to 8% in recent years and that farmers “live worse”. In this sense, she has underlined the “commitment” of the PP to increase agricultural income “as soon as possible.” To achieve this milestone, the PP deputy secretary explained, a national water pact would be necessary and “essential”.

This pact has been defended on several occasions by the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In this plan, Fúnez explained, all the agents involved would have to be present, which are the autonomous communities, the Government and those citizens who “have” and who “depend” their lives and their economy on the enjoyment of water.

The vice secretary has also emphasized the importance of having a “serious and powerful” voice in the defense of the primary sector in the European institutions

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