The PP says that it defends raising pensions with the CPI but sees a problem of sustainability in the medium term

Bravo insists that the “problem” is not in the “short term” but in the coming years and “the next two decades”

MADRID, Oct. 6 (.) –

The Deputy Secretary of Economy of the PP, Juan Bravo, has assured this Thursday that his formation defends raising pensions in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) because that is how it was agreed in the Toledo Pact, but he has admitted that Spain has ” a problem” with medium and long-term sustainability that must be analysed.

In an interview on Antena 3, which Europa Press has collected, Bravo has rejected that the PP is proposing to update pensions progressively and that the lowest incomes rise based on inflation, but not the highest. “That is not the position of the PP”, he has affirmed, to add that this rise linked to the CPI must be made by law because “that is how the Toledo Pact was voted”.

“And pensioners obviously do not have to put up with the bad policies that President Sánchez makes,” he asserted. Of course, he has recognized that this matter “must be seen in the medium and long term” and has stressed that the European Commission itself is saying that “the sustainability of the pension system that Mr. Sánchez has designed right now is not to be believed.”

Expressly asked again if the PP is not in favor of high pensions rising less than the CPI, the economic deputy secretary of the ‘popular’ has insisted that there is a law that establishes that rise, so that pensions “will be revalued to the CPI”.

“Sustainability is different, that’s where we have a problem. We don’t have the problem in the short term, we have the problem in two, three, four or the next two decades,” he said, to emphasize that they will have to work so that there are no “problems regarding the sustainability of pensions”.


As for whether the PP blesses then that in the next General State Budgets the increase in pensions will be 8.5% for high and low pensions, Bravo has indicated that at this time a confrontation cannot be opened “between rich or poor or between left and right”.

“I think this is not the moment. The current moment requires that we go with the greatest unity and not try to put good and bad”, he stressed, to later underline that if in Spain they have young people with a salary of a thousand euros, there are to analyze why the Spanish economy “grows less than the rest” and is “costing more to recover”.

The person in charge of Economy of the PP has assured that the General Budgets of the Government “are not up to the level of a great country” but that they are made to serve the “interests” of the President of the Government, with an eye on the next elections.


Bravo has criticized the “imbalance” in public accounts and the “lack of control over spending”, at a time when Germany has said that “we must return to fiscal rules”. In his opinion, the public accounts are “totally unbalanced” and whoever has to govern in 2024 “is going to complicate the situation quite a bit.”

However, he has pointed out that the governments of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy already had to do it when they arrived in Moncloa in 1996 and 2011, so the Spanish “know” that their party can manage the “most difficult moments”.

After explaining what has happened in the United Kingdom and that it has generated “some confusion”, he has once again criticized the fact that in Spain there is no control over public spending. In addition, he has alluded to what the Bank of Spain, AIReF and the OECD maintain. “If we start from some accounts in which one of the parameters is already wrong, imagine the final consequences it can have,” he warned, to stress that this offers “little credibility” as a country.

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