The PP reaffirms the use of the ‘Verano azul’ brand in the election campaign despite RTVE’s claim

He People’s Party reaffirms the use of the brand Blue summer in its general election campaign on July 23 and does so with the support of the actor Michael Youngwho played Tito in the famous 80s series and appears in the latest video that the training has posted on social networks.

“Spain deserves a blue summer”, cries Joven at the end of the aforementioned video, with which the group led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo responds to the claims by Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) and the family of the creator of the series, Antonio Mercero, for using the brand.

The PP campaign spokesman, Borja Sémper, presented this campaign between umbrellas and sand on Thursday, while RTVE sent a request to the party to request the cessation of references to the series in the general election campaign. In this sense, he warned him that in case of not doing so, “he reserves the right to exercise the actions established in the current legislation.”

The public entity explained that this measure was taken upon learning that the PP filed a trademark registration application with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM). Summer Blue PPwhich “would be violating the provisions of article six of the Trademark Law” because the corporation is the owner of the word mark Blue summer.

In addition, the son of the creator of the series, also called Antonio Merceroasserted that his father would have thought it “nonsense” and showed his dissatisfaction with the “political use” of the mark Blue summer by the PP.

“My father is taken by the demons if he is alive and it turns out that a political party, whatever it is, uses Blue summer as the slogan of his election campaign. This is not a series that can be used by a political party with how polarized everything is,” he stressed in statements to Europa Press.

The family thus regretted that at no time have the populars contacted them or RTVE to request the transfer of the brand, although they indicated that they have no intention of taking legal action against the PP, although they do not rule it out when considering the made as an act of “misappropriation”.

“We do not find it acceptable that a political party can appropriate a television series and make it the slogan of its campaign. It doesn’t seem right to usespecially if it is a series like Blue summerwhich is an iconic series that already belongs to popular culture, which belongs to everyone,” said the son of the creator of the production.

The discomfort comes, to a greater extent, from the association that exists from the campaign between the popular and the series, since, “at the moment in which the Popular Party makes it its own for its campaign, It seems that it happens to be the series of the PP“Mercero concluded.

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