The PP plays with the victims of sexist violence to attack Irene Montero and the coalition government

Rarely has such a base and disrespectful campaign been seen, not only against the policies of a democratically elected government, but also, and above all, with the victims of sexual violence. Coinciding with the start of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Drawjust after nine in the morning this Thursday, the party that leads Núñez Feijóo He released a message on his social networks in which you can read: “Sánchez’s partners and sexual offenders have already had the Fat. And you?“.

The controversial message is accompanied by a video that charges against various actions of the coalition government and the Prime Minister himself, Pedro Sánchez, as well as against the Minister of Equality, Irene Monteroregarding the law of only yes is yes and the controversy over the reduction of sentences for some convicted of this crime in various autonomous courts.

The People’s Partywho had stated that with the arrival of Núñez Feijóo in national politics returned to moderation and debate, stir with this message the terror of sexual violence to continue criticizing an Executive that has been described since its formation as an “illegitimate Government”.

“Christmas arrives and with it, the raffle. But this year the lottery has already touched… the seditiousto the embezzlersto the sexual offenders. The lottery has already touched them”, it can be read in the video, while images of oriol junquerasfrom Carlos Puigdemont, the Minister of Equality and Sánchez himself. Meanwhile, phrases by Junqueras are heard speaking of “the anti-democratic apparatus of the State will have fewer tools to do their anti-democratic work. Also phrases by Gabriel Rufián, spokesman for the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, affirming “that the Penal Code should never again be used as a ideological sword of Damocles to overpunish someone according to whom simply because we don’t like how they think”. .

Other accounts of the Populares on Twitter abound in this campaign and have released messages with a ticket from the National Lottery with the number 108 as the winnerreferring to the number of reductions in sentences that have occurred for rapists since the law of the only yes yes yes.

This descent into the mud of the Popular Party has backfired. As soon as the message was published, criticism of this message has intensified on social networks.

The Minister of Education, Pilar Alegriaresponded shortly after the PP’s message was published: “And this is part of the script of the “moderate” @NunezFeijoo… You portray yourselves alone @ppopular You cannot fall any lower.”

Other users of social networks have criticized the PP for the campaign against the Government and against the Minister of Equality. The scriptwriter and director, Luis Endera, has stated on his Twitter account: “What I said the other day. There are people who are happy that 12-14 judges have interpreted the new law in a way that favors rapists. My goodness, what have they seen in the polls to fall so low. Is this the moderation of @NunezFeijoo? Yuck.”

Many deputies and political representatives have decided not to attack this campaign on social networks, but in the corridors of Congress, they have demonstrated against the PP initiative. Minister Irene Montero has limited herself to defending the law of only yes is yes for its protection of the rights of victims, since “for the first time it allows the State to protect all victims of sexual violence”, so that “without having to file a complaint they can have access to a psychologist, a social worker, counseling free legal advice, that’s what’s important”.

Other investiture partners such as ERC and Más País have attacked the popular ones for a video that they consider out of place and that has crossed all the lines. ERC spokesperson, Gabriel Ruffian, has also alluded to Feijóo’s supposed moderation: “We were sold that he was a moderate, just as Gallardón was progressive and Aguirre was nice, it’s the same as always.” “It is quite probable that if I answered the PP on Twitter the headline was that there is noise or a scuffle, I ask the media not to equate it. It is nonsense, savage, what the right and the ultra-right have been doing to generate noise and cannot be equated”, added Rufián, as reported by the Efe agency.

In the same vein, the spokesperson for Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has added that “it is an infamous campaign and the PP ends 2022 clearly past laps”. “He is going too far and this is not good for either the PP or Spain. They have gone too far, there are things that are not admissible and cannot be tolerated,” he stressed.

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