The PP fails in its attempt to boycott Sánchez’s leadership in Europe and shows its weaknesses

The news that has come from Europe in recent days has caused euphoria and pride in Moncloa. Statements by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyenon the need to reform the electricity market has once again been seen as a triumph in the Government of Pedro Sanchez, who had been claiming it for months. He has also highlighted the alliance of the leader of the Executive and his presence in a Council of Ministers of Germany. The Government has once again taken advantage of its “international successes” in the face of attempts to discredit and swings of the PP.

Last Tuesday, at the usual press conference held after the Council of Ministers, the Government spokesperson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, began his speech precisely by highlighting these issues. “The president returns once again to bring the voice of Spain to the heart of Europe to respond to the current challenges and crises,” he stressed about his meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Also France decided to study the elaboration of the MidCat gas pipeline after this meeting, something that the neighboring country had refused until then.

“The proposals from Spain are being addressed by our European partners,” added the spokeswoman. In this sense, she recalled the “leadership” in the “different” response to the Covid-19 crisis with the achievement of european funds. Also, according to Rodríguez, with a “different response” to the effects of the war in Ukraine. “The Iberian exception is an example of this,” he pointed out in reference to the cap on the price of gas obtained in alliance with Portugal.

The international projection of Sánchez, and therefore of the Government, was also valued with the celebration of the NATO summit during the month of June in Madrid. At that time, in contrast to the situation of exhaustion that the president had internally, Moncloa welcomed the event. “There has been unanimity in recognition of the role of Spain in the organization of the summit,” government sources highlighted. They considered in Sánchez’s surroundings that the summit was “historic” and that it would be a “turning point” at the geopolitical level.

President’s profile

From the close environment of Sánchez in Moncloa they explain to Public that it is important to take into account his political profile in order to understand these facts. “He is the first president who does not separate the national sphere from the international“, point to sources consulted. “It is largely the key to international success,” they add.

Those who know him add that Since the beginning of his political life, he has always been aware of the international media. And in fact they remember that their activities began abroad, both in the European Parliament and in Bosnia.

In the Government they trust that the realization of these achievements, which generate direct benefits such as the electricity price reductioncome to citizenship. “If we had not taken measures such as the Iberian exception, we would be paying infinitely more expensive electricity,” they highlight in the Executive.

“The Spanish presence has been growing because we make many proposals, we are in the debates and they have recognized our strategic vision”, they consider from Moncloa. From here the complicity with Von Der Leyen, a conservative leader but who has been able to recognize Sánchez’s role, is also highlighted. “Time He has proved us right”, the Government insists.

All these facts will, by the way, be highlighted next Tuesday in the Senate, where an appearance by Sánchez will take place. He will be the first relevant “face to face” of the president with the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijoo. Criticism from the right? “The usual”, they say in Moncloa. “They do not learn and it is in their DNA to launch hoaxes or irresponsible statements about their country,” they add.

“They blatantly lie”, they add in Moncloa, exemplifying in recent words by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, in which he said that the Iberian exception had raised prices. In the Government they also reject the insistence of the right with the use of nuclear energy.

On the horizon, there is also a relevant appointment, more at party level. Sánchez will run for president of the Socialist International, as confirmed a few weeks ago. The Congress of this organization will be held in Madrid in November. “It is a fact that he is one of the social democratic benchmarks at an international level,” they point out in Moncloa.

The PP, out of the game

In Genoa, none of this deserves even the slightest recognition and they speak of Sánchez’s “flight” to Europe. The popular ones take advantage of his important international presence to attribute it to the fact that “he feels more comfortable outside than inside” and downplay the role that Spain has gained in European politics. But it is undeniable that the turn of Brussels on the intervention of the electricity market has shown the seams of the PP.

The popular ones have spent months criticizing the cap on gas, which was called the ‘Iberian exception’ promoted by Spain and Portugal. The PP did not vote in favor in Congress (it abstained) and since then they deny that it has lowered the bills. The last argument is that the Iberian exception has served to “subsidize” France in €400 million, although they do not explain how they have calculated that amount. They have said that the Government’s energy policy is “erratic” and a “failure”.

This last week, after knowing the intentions of Brussels to emulate the Spanish energy policy, the PP has come out to say that they were the first to propose the intervention of the electricity market. According to Feijóo’s Deputy Secretary of Economy, Juan Bravo“months ago” they raised this measure.


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