The PP describes the sanctions against Francoists as a “smokescreen”

“This smokescreen and more smokescreen and more smokescreen is fine, this is the government’s strategy.” This has been referred to by the general coordinator of the PP, Elias Bendodoto the intention of the Government to sanction the nearly two hundred people who this weekend paid tribute to Franco and Primo de Rivera for the anniversary of 20N.

With the Democratic Memory Law that the PP wants to repeal in force, Moncloa sources announced this Monday that “in view of the images that have been seen of demonstrations yesterday, with shouts, gestures and songs that exalt the military coup, the dictatorship and its protagonists” the Government will open disciplinary proceedings against the protagonists of the Francoist coven.

Thus, in the press conference after the Popular Party management committee, Núñez Feijóo’s ‘number three’ was asked about this matter. Bendodo described it as “smokescreen” and criticized that “the priorities of the Government do not coincide with the priorities of the Spaniards.” The Genoa spokesman missed the opportunity to condemn the tribute to Francoism.

They ask the deputies of the PSOE to break the voting discipline

The PP is focused on the offensive against the coalition for the “only yes is yes” law and the reform to repeal the crime of sedition. On the first, Bendodo has confirmed that the party is “finalizing” a bill to review the law urgently and so that “those who commit sexual crimes have the same penalties that were in force in September of this year,” he explained. In addition, they ask for the definitive dismissal of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

As for the elimination of the crime of sedition, which will be voted on this Thursday in Congress, the popular entrust everything to the PSOE deputies breaking the voting discipline. Bendodo has said that the socialist regional leaders “have to give instructions to their deputies so that they go against it. “If socialism is coherent,” he assured, “it has a golden opportunity this week.”

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