The PP brings to Congress its proposal to reform the Justice after blocking the renewal of the CGPJ for more than four years

Six days after King Felipe VI’s speech and one day before the end of the year, the Popular Party parliamentary group registered a bill in Congress to change the election system for the General Council of the Judiciary. To the one who maintains the mandate expired for four years with his refusal to agree to its renewal with the PSOE. The PP proposal, which became official on December 30, according to what the newspaper announced on Monday The world and has confirmed Publicchanges the designation method for the members of the CGPJ and raises the requirements to become part of the judicial career.

The text, signed by the PP parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, establishes a new model in which the 12 members of the CGPJ elected by the turn of judges are elected by direct vote of their own judges. They could vote for up to a maximum of six candidates on an open list and those with the most support would enter the Council.

In this sense, Cuca Gamarra has defended this Tuesday in an act of the PP of La Rioja in Logroño that with this proposal they seek to “regenerate the institutions and strengthen the independence of justice”. In addition, he has insisted on the mantra that the popular ones have been repeating since May: that “judges choose judges” to “protect the Judiciary from politicians like Pedro Sánchez,” added Feijóo’s ‘number two’.

Regarding the eight members of the turn of jurists that correspond to the Congress and the Senate (four and four), the popular ones establish that they would continue to be elected by a majority of three fifths “among jurists of recognized competence, with more than fifteen years of experience in legal professions”.

The initiative of the popular, to which this medium has agreed, also includes that anyone who has held political office in the last five years may not be part of the CGPJ. On this particular point, PSOE and PP reached an agreement before the popular ones blew up the pact.

The PSOE reacts: “Excuses and more excuses”

The Socialist Party reacted quickly to the PP’s proposal and did so through a barely two-minute video published on its social networks. Under the message “What are the Magi going to bring us? Excuses and more excuses to continue blocking the CGPJ”, the Socialists reproduced different moments of PP leaders justifying the non-renewal of the Judiciary.

From Seville, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, also censored the latest maneuver of the PP. “We have been with this non-compliance for more than four years, which is being produced by a party that has a vocation for government,” she settled.

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