The PP announces an appeal for protection before the Constitutional Court for the reform of the Penal Code and the CGPJ

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarrahas announced that the PP will lead to constitutional Court an appeal for amparo against “the violation of the legislative power” for using the proposed law and the amendment route to “skip all legality controls”, as a “first measure of action” before the reforms proposed by the Government in the Penal Code and in the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

This was stated at a press conference, in which he explained that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, seeks to use the amendment route to “carry out reforms that cannot use that route.” Therefore, he has added that they will present it “urgently and as soon as possible”.

In addition, he has stated that they will demand the appearance of Sánchez in Parliament because “he is in hiding” and so that he “shows his face before the Spaniards to whom he lied.”

He has also reiterated that the PP will denounce the latest penal reforms before the European Union and the Constitutional Court promoted by the government parties, both the changes to facilitate “the assault” on the TC and those carried out “at the dictation” of the Catalan separatists to benefit those prosecuted and convicted of the illegal referendum of 2017.

Thus, Gamarra has accused the Government of “accelerating in an unprecedented authoritarianism.” “The repeal of crime of seditionthe cheapening of corruption and the reforms of the judiciary outside the power itself to colonize it and control the TC have no comparison in our democracy”.

“Without a doubt, one of the powers is perpetrating attacks on the Rule of Law itself, on the counterweights that must exist in democracy between powers and on the separation of powers itself, leading us into an absolute authoritarian drift,” he lamented. For this reason, she has explained that the Government intends to weaken the rule of law to “continue to have a majority and perpetuate yourself in power.”

“A la carte” reform for “its partners”

In his opinion, Sánchez has an objective of authoritarianism: “To have maximum powers with minimum controls.” Thus, Gamarra has affirmed that all this means that the maximum beneficiaries of the Penal Code are “its partners”, with an “à la carte” reform and remaining “outside the law”.

“Is reform has names and surnamesand they are those who have already been sentenced for violating the constitutional order and are on the run from Justice and have not been held accountable”.

In this sense, the spokeswoman explained that Sánchez “does not put anything before him, not even his own party”, because “like authoritarian regimes, the party is he”. “The Sanchista party has taken over the Socialist Party, its history, its important role in consolidating democracy and the rule of law,” he criticized.

Regarding the motion of censure raised by Vox this Friday and supported by Ciudadanos, the PP spokesperson has clarified that “the polls are the motion of no confidence in Sánchez”. “We are not here to give Sánchez oxygen, but to grant Spain an alternative that the Spanish deserve,” he added in this regard.

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