The police commander of the Daniel Sancho case is being investigated for corruption

The long-awaited promotion of the number 2 of the Thai police, Surachate Hakparn – better known as Big Joke – seems to have been cut short. The person in charge of supervising the investigations against the Spanish cook Daniel Sancho for the murder of the Colombian Edwin Arrieta has gone from being a candidate for head of the Royal Thai Police (which will be elected next Wednesday) to being investigated for alleged corruption.

This morning a group of agents have registered their residence and other properties of the media police command in search of evidence related to a alleged bribery of around 140 million baht (more than 3.5 million euros) by an illegal online gambling group run by Phongsiri Tharawongsuk -Bostal-who was president of the Lamphun Warriors football club.

According to the state media Thai PBS, at the moment there is no arrest warrant for Hakparn. But yes against 30 of his subordinates for his involvement in the case. Regarding this point, Big Joke has pointed out that “if they are really involved” in the events investigated “they have to confess and be punished.” He, for his part, has already asked his lawyers to investigate the legitimacy of the order registration of your home.

“I think those who requested the order misled the court”Surachate has assured. The visible face of the investigation against Daniel Sancho has explained that the search warrant only mentioned the house number and not the name of the owner when “it is well known that the house is mine and that I usually stay there.” He believes the raid, led by the head of the cybercrimes police, could be linked to internal conflicts in the body.

Raid on police

The police against cyber crimes This Monday, he entered the home of General Surachate Hakparn in an urbanization in Bangkok, who at that time was in the house, as part of an operation against the corruption within the police.

Initially the number 2 of the Thai police tried that the agents did not enter to the house (a three-story semi-detached house) where the search was carried out a little later. During the raid, led by Major General Jaroonkiat Pankeaw, they entered 30 other properties in the provinces of Phetchaburi, Samut Prakan, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Saraburi.

At least seven agents who are under the command of Big Joke, including a major general, have been arrested to be interrogated. For now, Surachate maintains his trust in them. It is being investigated whether they are related to the illegal online gambling network led by Pongsiri, who was arrested in June and accused of laundering money with the football club.

Case of Daniel Sancho

Meanwhile, Spaniard Daniel Sancho – son of actor Rodolfo Sancho – remains in provisional detention in Koh Samui prison awaiting trial for the murder of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta – 44 years old – on the island of Koh Phangan. Of course, the Thai police still not sending the final report of the investigation to the Prosecutor’s Office despite the fact that they assured that it would be ready in mid-September.

Until it is delivered, the trial will remain undated. The agents in charge of the case have 84 days to conclude your investigation. A time that began to count on August 7, which is the date on which the accused was brought to justice. For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office can request new evidence until the aforementioned period expires, which will occur on October 30.

The Cook He only seems to have one option: admit the charges that are charged to him, if he wants to avoid the death penalty. At least that is what Surachate Hakparn maintains. The general leaves no room for doubt: “I say and warn: if Daniel goes to court and denies the charges, he will face the death penalty. But if he pleads guilty, the sentence will be life imprisonment. His fate depends on him.” future”. Everything seems to indicate that the Spaniard’s sentence would already be decided.

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