The podcast catalog and the hours of listening to these programs are growing in Spain

MADRID, September 30 (Portaltic/EP) –

The podcast does not stop growing in Spain or at least that is what the streaming platforms themselves say that are committed to this type of content, which do not stop expanding their catalog of programs and seeing how the listening hours grow.

The podcast has grown in popularity in recent years. 2022 closed with three million listeners in Spain and is expected to reach 4.7 million in 2027, according to Statista data, with a preference for humor and entertainment, music, film and television programs.

This preference for entertainment is also reflected by the iVoox platform, adding the interest that the Spanish public shows in learning, in terms of mystery (15.20%), history (14.16%) and humor (9.19%). They are presented as the most listened to content categories in it.

This is reflected in its ‘III Report on Spanish Podcast Consumption’, in which it analyzes listening and monetization habits in Hispanic podcasts in the last year, and with which it highlights a typical listener who continues to listen frequently, more willing to pay and receptive to advertising.

This platform has more than 75 million monthly listeners and has a catalog of podcasts in Spanish, with an offer of more than 500,000 programs in Spanish. In 2023, Spanish podcast listeners listened 9.5 hours a week, playing 4.2 episodes on average in total.

Listening to podcasts is growing, and 36.21% claim to listen to more podcasts than last year, or do so with the same frequency as the previous year (54.05%). 48.01% listen daily and 62.71% of listeners listen to podcasts more than four hours a week, 6.13% more than in 2022.

Listeners subscribe to 4.9 podcasts on average, and the mobile phone (97.20%) is the most used device for listening to these programs, ahead of the car (13.42%) and the computer (10 ,27%).

The report also highlights that podcast listening is clearly done alone (96.91%), although the percentage of listeners who also do so in the company of their partner (12.36%) or family (2.12%) is growing. And they choose the podcast mainly for its ease of listening while doing other things (65.73%), as a source of learning (62.58%), for its ability to listen wherever and whenever they want (61.29%) and for entertainment (60.11%).

Regarding the listener profile, it is confirmed that there continues to be parity in interest in the podcast, since the female audience represents 44.8% compared to 55.2% of men. By age, users are between 18 and 65 years old and the majority have university studies (60.89%), in an active employment situation (82.49%).

Likewise, and as stated in the report, 58.31% of listeners are willing to financially support their favorite podcasts, 1 percent more than in 2022, to help the podcaster (59.50%), be able to access to exclusive content (47.66%) and listening to it without advertising (47.02%).

Regarding the latter, 59.59% of those surveyed accept the inclusion of advertisements in podcasts as long as the tone fits the content.

Furthermore, although the video podcast offering is growing, for podcast listeners it is a format that still does not have enough interest. In this sense, 68.41% prefer to listen to only the audio, even if the podcast has video, and for 29.97% it depends on the moment.

For the creators, the video complements their stories, as stated on the podcast platform Podimo, which also specializes in podcasts. “For new generations, video is their native form of speech and combines very well with the conversational genre. In addition, they use it as a new source of information,” says the person in charge of Podimo in Spain, Isabel Salazar, according to analyzes carried out internally.

This service of Danish origin has also experienced growth in the last year: it has released more than 120 programs, which has also had an impact on consumption, since, according to reports, the hours dedicated to them have multiplied by six.

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