The photo of the leaders of Palestine and Hamas, very symbolic, but it will not improve the situation

Although the Algerian and some foreign media speak of a historical fact”the meeting between the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbasand the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Ishmael Hanniyadoes not anticipate any change, big or small, for the Palestinian cause, duly sunk by Israel, most Arab countries, the United States and the European Union.

Moreover, the meeting forced by the Algerian authorities on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of their independence will not have the least importance in inter-Palestinian relations for the simple reason that Abbas, 87, has always been interested in keep as much distance as possible from Hamaswhich would threaten his position if he were to call elections.

The meeting came almost six years after the last one between the two Palestinian statesmen and is justified due to pressure from the president of Algeriaeager to project an image of authority and international recognition at a time when his country’s foreign policy is seriously threatened by the great axis that Israel is riding in North Africa and in which Morocco forms a special link.

Israel’s main mission is to fight Hamas in the West Bank.

Despite his advanced age, Abbas has not given the slightest indication of resigning. It has not even begun to prepare for the transition, which logically should not take long. It merely follows the dictates of Israel and is the main contributor to the occupation policies and dispossession that the Jewish state applies in the territories occupied in the 1967 war with the approval of the international community.

He gave up the resistance against the occupation many years ago, long before he replaced Yasser Arafat, who died in November 2004, so Israel is delighted with Abbas and wants it to last as long as possible, especially since Abbas has created a police state at the service of Israel whose main mission is precisely fight Hamas in the West Bank.

Israel is not going to be upset with Abbas because he meets with the leader of Hamas. He understands that it is an servitude of Abbas towards Algeriawhich is almost the only country in North Africa that is still interested in the Palestinian cause, a cause that has no future due to the passivity of the US and Europe, especially Paris and Berlin.

For Hanniya, the conclave is also meaningless. The Algerians have included a meeting on his agenda, because he is delighted, he meets with Abbas and everyone is happy. Hanniya knows that Abbas can’t see Hamas from afar, but she doesn’t lose anything by having a chat with him. The last time they did it in 2016 in Qatar and he didn’t go anywhere from there either.

So the cameras recorded the handshake between Abbas and Hanniya at the Algerian Independence Day celebration. The two had been invited by the president Abdelmadjid Tebbounewho received them happy for image reasons but knowing, like them, that the meeting will have no more significance than the photo for the Algerian media and some foreigners.

While Abbas is always busy doing what Israel tells him to do, Hanniya’s job is to keep the Gaza Strip alive. An Israeli leader once said that it is about having Gaza under a strict regime, and that is the situation today. Unlike Abbas, Hanniya is in favor of the resistance because he has wisely come to the conclusion that Israel will not leave the occupied territories own initiative.

Inter-Palestinian “reconciliation” is off the horizon

That Algerian television rated the meeting of “historic” It is within reason given the prevailing circumstances, but it does not respond to the harsh reality of inter-Palestinian relations. Nor is it strange that the Algerian media did not reveal the content of the discussions, which must have been as “historical” as the meeting itself.

In this context, the same since Abbas became president at the beginning of 2005, the issue of inter-Palestinian “reconciliation” is off the horizon. It is true that there have been several attempts in this direction, but none have been successful. The prognosis on reconciliation would only change if Israel withdrew from the occupied territoriessomething that does not appear on the table of any Jewish leader of the government or the opposition.

In 2007, when it took control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas clearly defined its opposition to the Israeli military occupation. In the West Bank, on the other hand, Abbas has conducted a policy of “cooperation” with Zionism in all areas, particularly in security, putting the Palestinian police at the service of the occupation army.

Last year, Abbas indefinitely postponed the elections he had called, which would have been the first since Hamas’ clear victory in 2006. The polls predicted another victory for Hamas, forcing Abbas to cancel the elections, which no one has the slightest idea when they will be held.


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