The Peruvian Justice ratifies the 18 months of preventive detention against Pedro Castillo

The former president had appealed the decision of the Peruvian Supreme Court, assuring that he had not committed a crime of rebellion

MADRID, Dec. 30 (.) –

The Judiciary of Peru has ratified this Thursday the preventive detention of 18 months ordered against former president Pedro Castillo while he is investigated for the commission of crimes of rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and disturbance of public tranquility.

The Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Peruvian Supreme Court will keep the former president in the Barbadillo Prison, in Ate, on the outskirts of Lima – where former President Alberto Fujimori also remains – agreeing with the Peruvian Attorney General’s Office, as reported ‘ The Republic’.

“The appeal filed by the investigated José Pedro Castillo Terrones is declared unfounded and founded, in part, the appeal filed by the Supreme Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office,” reads the resolution.

In this sense, the Judiciary ratifies its decision to impose a measure of 18 months of preventive detention against the former president, while he is investigated for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy.

Thus, Castillo will serve 18 months in pretrial detention despite his legal team’s attempt to release him on probation.

The decision of the Peruvian Judiciary is given one day after the hearing in which the appeal presented by the former president requesting his release was assessed.

“I have never committed a crime of rebellion because I have never taken up arms, nor have I told others to do so. I must say that the one who did take up arms is this tyrannical government that has killed my 28 Peruvian brothers in Andahuaylas, Ayacucho and other places,” said the former president at the hearing, defending his innocence.

Castillo affirmed that he had not committed the crime of conspiracy, accusing “those who, from Congress and other institutions,” would have engineered the fall of his government through “successive requests for presidential vacancy and other tricks.”

“If my family has had to leave the country and take refuge, it is because in Peru they were in danger, not only their freedom, but also their integrity and their own lives. However, I will stay here to face any process because I have the truth of my side”, Castillo stressed during his speech.

The preventive detention decreed by the Peruvian Judiciary –and proposed by the Attorney General’s Office– takes place after Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of an emergency government on December 7, events after which he was dismissed by Congress and later detained by Peruvian security forces.

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