The Peruvian extreme left provokes violence again in the marches against Dina Boluarte

The tranquility in the cities of Peru has not lasted long after the Christmas holidays and the New Year. The extreme left has returned to get up this Wednesday to continue putting pressure on the Government of Dina Boluarte demanding his resignation and a new advancement of the elections despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago Congress determined that the new elections would be held in April 2024. In addition, the extremists insist on the convening of a Constituent Assembly.

The day of protests had been called several days ago by workers’ groups and unions in different parts of Peru, especially in the south of the country. Many of these groups had already participated in the demonstrations two weeks ago that left more than 25 dead in the face of the enormous violence provoked by the extreme left and the response of law enforcement.

This Wednesday, several of these armed groups appeared with sticks and even with metallic shields built to attack members of the Police and the Army sent by the government to avoid situations like those that occurred in the past, such as the seizure of airports and the blockade of roads.

The situation was also complicated in Lima where extremist groups marched and caused riots by throwing stones and objects at members of the police guarding the center of the capital.

The moral factor

In addition to representatives and congressmen of the extreme left, it has also been pointed out to Evo Morales as one of those who has most supported these mobilizations against the Boluarte government. In fact, some parliamentarians have asked that the Executive take measures to prevent the former Bolivian president from entering the southern part of the country, the center of the most violent demonstrations.

About, Jorge Montoyacongressman from popular renewaltold the media that “we cannot allow him to come to Peru to raise up the masses so that part of the national territory is separated” and on Twitter he added that “Citizen Morales is a miserable declared enemy of Peru.”

In an interview for PBO radio, the president said that “we are talking so that, within this context, we see the situation of Mr. Evo Morales’ entry into the country because I believe that no one, no person, no former president or leader of another country has why intervene in internal affairs”. She added that “if Mr. Evo Morales wants to continue being a leader there in Bolivia, then in Bolivia he has to exercise that role of social leader and political leader.”

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