The Pentagon confirms another 770 million euros in military aid to Ukraine


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MADRID, July 1 (.) –

The Pentagon of the United States has confirmed this Friday another 820 million dollars (about 770 million euros) in military aid to Ukraine, as announced a day earlier by the president, Joe Biden, before leaving the NATO summit held this week in Madrid.

The Department of Defense, through its press secretary, Todd Breasseale, has detailed that of this new amount, there are 50 million dollars (47 million euros) of presidential funds, which allows the Pentagon to send weapons to Ukraine your own reservations.

This is the fourteenth time since August 2021 that the Biden Administration has authorized the taking of military material and equipment from the Department of Defense itself for Ukraine. On this occasion, the package includes ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems (HIMARS)

The remaining 770 million dollars (about 740 million euros) come from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), a country that will be equipped this time with two advanced surface-to-air missile systems (NASAMS), up to 150,000 rounds of 155-millimeter artillery ammunition; and four radars against artillery.

With USAI, the US government has the sanction to spend its taxpayer money to help wage war on Ukraine through military industry, instead of drawing equipment from its own stockpiles.

So far, the United States has spent some 7.6 billion dollars (7.2 billion euros) in military support for Ukraine, of which 6.9 billion dollars (6.6 billion euros) correspond to the period from February 24, the date on which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the invasion.

Since 2014, coinciding with the first Russo-Ukrainian war, the United States has invested a total of 8.8 billion dollars (8.4 billion euros) in reinforcing the Army and the rest of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to figures from the Pentagon itself.

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