The Parliament Board suspends Borràs as president with the support of the PSC, ERC and the CUP

The suspension of his functions is “with effect from the adoption of the agreement”


The Table of the Parlament has approved this Thursday to suspend the president of the Chamber, Laura Borràs, as a deputy with the support of PSC-Units, ERC and CUP after the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to send her to trial for allegedly dividing contracts when he directed the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC), according to sources familiar with Europa Press.

The Table has approved the suspension with the favorable votes of the PSC, ERC and the CUP and the ‘no’ of Junts.

The vote in the Table has taken place after, in recent days, these parties have asked him to step aside voluntarily and that, if he does not do so, they would vote in favor of suspending it based on article 25.4 of the Regulations, which forces the Bureau to suspend deputies facing trial for crimes related to corruption.

In fact, Borràs made an initial intervention in the Table, before leaving the room, where he argued that his case does not fit the purpose of the article in the Parliament’s regulations that contemplates the preventive suspension of deputies, and he asked members of the body who vote “in conscience”.

Article 25.4 of the Regulations of the Parliament that has been applied to Borràs obliges the Table to agree to the suspension “of parliamentary rights and duties immediately” to the deputies accused of crimes related to corruption, once the opening order of oral judgment is firm.

In addition, the Regulation provides for the possibility of requesting a report from the Deputy Statute Commission if “doubts about this type of crime” are appreciated or about the incompatibilities applicable during the suspension, an option that the groups have rejected.

In a statement, the Chamber has reported that the Board has agreed by majority the “suspension of all the rights and duties of Borràs as a deputy”, provided for in the Regulations of the Parliament.

As a consequence, Borràs has suspended “all the powers as president of the Parliament, with effect from the adoption of the agreement”, so her suspension is immediate and her publication is not required for the decision to be effective.


After the suspension of all rights and duties, article 40 of the Regulations is applied, which regulates the functions of the vice-presidencies: “In the event of a vacancy, absence or impediment of the president of Parliament, the vice-presidents, in consecutive order, must substitute with the same rights, duties and attributions”.

Based on this precept, the first vice president of the Chamber, Alba Vergés (ERC), would replace Borràs in his functions, as had been considered in recent days.

Article 40 of the Rules of Procedure also provides that the vice presidents of the Chamber “must fulfill any other function entrusted to them by the president and the Bureau” and insists that the representation of the Chamber that the president of the Parliament has can only be delegated to one of the the vice presidents.

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