The Palestinian Authority applauds the US decision to investigate the death of journalist Shirin abu Aklé

MADRID, Nov. 15 (.) –

The Presidency of the Palestinian Authority has applauded this Tuesday the decision of the United States to investigate the death of the Palestinian-American journalist Shirin abu Aklé, who died in May after being shot during an operation by the forces of Israel in the West Bank city of Jenin .

Nabil abu Rudeina, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, has indicated that Washington’s decision “is yet another proof of the lack of credibility of the narrative of the Israeli authorities on cases of deliberate killings by their forces against the Palestinian people. “.

Thus, he has indicated that “it is necessary for the murderers to be held accountable for their crimes” and has criticized the fact that the Israeli government has announced that it will not collaborate with the investigations. In this sense, he has said that Israel “defies international law”, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has expressed itself along these lines, applauding the opening of the investigation and saying that, “although it is late,” it reflects that Washington “considers that there was no serious investigation by Israel.”

For this reason, he stressed that the Palestinian Authority “is prepared to fully cooperate with any international or American investigation” into the death of Abu Aklé “and other victims of extrajudicial executions” by Israeli forces.

The journalist was shot dead on May 11 during an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank, while she was working for the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera. The reporter herself was wearing a helmet and a vest that identified her as a journalist.

For its part, the conclusions of the independent investigation carried out by the United Nations Office for Human Rights into the death of the journalist coincide with the evaluation carried out by the Palestinian authorities and which point to the Israeli forces as responsible for the death of the reporter.

The conclusions of the investigation carried out by the international organization also dismantle the narrative that there was activity by armed Palestinians in the vicinity of the position where the reporters were, as Israel pointed out at the time.

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