The opposition calls for resignations over the ‘mask case’ with Almeida on the defensive

It does not assume any responsibility. That was the main message of the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidain it Extraordinary plenary session of the Madrid City Council about him case masks. It was a full fight in which Almeida showed his most aggressive profile with the opposition.

The mayor of Madrid“absolutely” backed the negotiation of the official Elena Collado, Coordinator of Budgets in the City Council, and remarked that the Consistory did not denounce Luis Medina or Alberto Luceño because “I did not know the collection of commissions that had occurred” from the Leno company for those two “characters”. Almeida maintains that the City Council did not pay a single euro to Medina and Luceño, but rather to the Leno company. For this reason, he said, there will be no resignations in the Madrid City Council. In that sense, he added that before Elena Collado or Engracia Hidalgo (Delegate of Finance and Personnel) of the Corporation would leave, he himself would leave for this case.

Almeida also downplayed the role played by his cousin. According to the mayor’s version, his cousin “only” provided an email to Medina. “That has been proven by the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office,” she stated forcefully, before concluding that neither his family member, nor the City Council nor his staff have “any type of responsibility” in the case.

For her part, the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Villacís (Cs), asked for “forgiveness” for the “goal they have scored against us”. Villacís stressed that no employee of the City Council is being investigated, but added that, if there is, “they will resign here”, in pursuit of “transparency and honesty.”

The opposition calls for responsibilities

The spokeswoman for Más Madrid in the City Council of the capital, Rita Master, accused Almeida of “threatening” some councilors because “he’s up to his neck” in the case masks.

“Despite all the mud that the mayor wants to spread, he will not be able to stop him. Despite threats to some councilors. It is pathetic to try to make us responsible for his government action. Now we understand why the lie, of opacity. You and yours are up to your neck”, said Maestre during the Plenary.

Maestre, in addition, made Almeida ugly that the government team “I knew about the case a year and a half ago”, and that it had not been transferred “to any instance of the Madrid City Council”. “Rather to the contrary, they hid it literally and explicitly in a petition from my Group. I asked him if there was any judicialized contract, and he told me that none was being investigated. His lie was exposed to the whole of the city of Madrid,” he concluded. Master.

The socialist spokesperson in the Madrid City Council, sea ​​thorn, also criticized the mayor for having become “the mourner of Spain” in the case of the millionaire commissions for the sanitary material contract and insisted that “nothing fits” in this matter.

The socialist demanded that the first thing would be “Apologize for the show that has been going on for months because the PP understands that the institutions are theirs”. “At what point has it been sold to the interests of the PP?” He asked the mayor, whom he also accused of remembering the City Council only “when it benefits his own.”

Luis Cuetofrom the Mixed Group, was also very forceful: “Here there is a political responsibility because someone tolerated that six million euros were stolen, but here no one resigns because they are irresponsible”.

Cueto also played down Almeida’s threat to leave, before Hidalgo or Collado do so, arguing that “with his irresponsibility and lack of providing solutions” he is giving wings to populism”, making believe that “all politicians are equal “, when in previous mandates there have been political responsibilities.

The Plenary of the City Council finally approved with the favorable vote of all the groups except the abstention of the PSOE, request to the Chamber of Accounts of the Community of Madrid to supervise the emergency contracts approved by the Consistory during the covid-19 pandemic.


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