The next Mac Pro won’t support discrete GPUs, according to Gurman

MADRID, 26 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

The next Mac Prothe device Apple is currently working on, will not have support for discrete graphics processing units (GPUs), as Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has recently announced.

At the end of last October, Gurman reported that the company was already working on updating the Mac Pro with the most powerful models of the Apple Silicon M2 family, which could be the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme.

Now, the analyst has commented via Twitter that, as you recently learned, the next Mac Pro may lack external or upgradeable GPU slot. This means that only the graphics cores of the processor that integrates the computer can be used.

Since users will no longer have the ability to upgrade their GPU with graphics cards, Apple will compensate them. with what would be its most powerful unitwith up to 76 cores.

On the other hand, Gurman has pointed out that it is possible that the new generation of desktop computers from the iPhone manufacturer does not allow upgradeable RAM memories either.

Even though the Mac Pro will no longer have upgradable GPU and RAM, Apple’s next release it will allow you to expand your internal storage and will maintain the same design as the current model with an Intel chip.

Finally, the analyst has indicated that the new Mac Pro model will improve its cooling conditions, which will affect its performance, which will initially be higher.

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