The New Kakhovka dam, destroyed. How does it affect Ukraine and Russia?

The ukrainian war faces its sixteenth month awaiting the so Ukrainian counteroffensive announced, which should start shortly. The Government of Kiev has been slowing it down to end up fitting into its army the western material it has received in recent months -such as the European Leopard 2 battle tanks-, as well as the need for the muddy areas to disappear -that this year have lasted longer than necessary – which causes the thaw.

In this situation, the New Kakhovka Damthe Ukraine’s most important water structure has exploded into the air. The first consequence that it brings with it is that almost 18 million cubic meters of water will begin to flood the Kherson region on both banks of the Dnieper River. Dozens of cities will be flooded and a certain number of Ukrainians living in those areas will have to leave their homes.

The destruction of the dam It will directly affect both sides.who accuse each other of being guilty of the destruction. Ukraine it will have to deal with a citizen crisis, with the forced reconstruction of the populations that are drowned. As water is one of the great natural defenses in warfare, you may also have to change a part of their military plans for the great counteroffensive.

Russiawhich has been developing a triple defensive line along the eastern bank of the Dnieper, loses its first line of defense and the second is compromised. It also renounces a vital infrastructure whose control it wanted to guarantee in the first 24 hours of war: the start of the North Crimean Channel. On the other hand, the destruction of the dam can also affect the Zaporizhia nuclear power plantthe largest in Europe.

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