The National Court rejects charging Pablo Iglesias in the ‘Dina case’

The National Court has rejected Vox’s request to charge the former Vice President of the Government paul churches in the Dina case, about the alleged theft of the mobile phone of the former Podemos adviser Dinah Bousselham in 2015.

The third section of the Criminal Chamber has Vox appeal dismissed against the order of judge Manuel García Castellón in which he concluded the investigation of the case for the theft of the mobile card and its subsequent journey, which constitutes one of the pieces of the so-called Tándem or Villarejo case.

That decision was appealed both by Pablo Iglesias himself and Dina Bousselham, as well as by Vox, which has acted as a popular accusation in this case, and who requested to continue investigating the facts and cite the former leader of Podemos as accused.

Now, they remain pending challenges from Iglesias himself and Bousselhamwho intend to continue investigating the theft.

The Chamber has considered it “impertinent” to charge Iglesias given that the expert report commissioned by the judge on the damages that Bousselham’s mobile card presented when he recovered it prevented attributing “authorship” of those damages to Iglesias, something that, in his opinion, “is absolutely ruled out.”

According to that report, which determined the impossibility of accessing the memory card, the card damage was “accidental or deliberate not obviousbut not obviously intentional.

The fact that Iglesias had access to the card – the president of the Zeta group, Antonio Asensio, gave it to him – “without any other indicative element” and without being able to determine the production of damage or even determine when its content was accessed ” impertinent”, in the opinion of the Chamber, the statement of the former vice president.

Y remember that Bousselham already made it clear that he did not denounce Iglesias since he had his trust and was authorized to see the content of his mobile.

In the same order, the court refuses to expel Vox from the procedure, as requested by Bousselham and Iglesias.


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