The most difficult story of Amber Heard: the abuse suffered during the marriage with Johnny Depp

This Wednesday the leading actress of Aquaman, Amber Heardhas taken the stand to testify in the trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Deep, declaring that he physically abused her. The accusations range from her being slapped for laughing at a tattoo whose handwriting was illegible to threatening to kill her during an argument they had on a yacht while traveling to the Bahamas.

Since last April 11, the stormy defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been taking place. It all started when in 2016 the actress filed for divorce in which Deep was accused of assault. After several negotiations, the actress withdrew the restraining order in early 2017 and issued a statement denying such accusations: “There was never any intention of physical or emotional harm.”

Although the relationship seemed to have improved, in 2018 Washington Post published an article in which the actress recognized herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse”. It was not necessary to say more or name the actor so that he was canceled from all the big productions, among others, canceling Deep’s contract in Pirates of the caribbean.

a complex trial

After several weeks in which only Deep testified, this Wednesday Heard sat on the bench of the Fairfax Court (Virginia, United States). In this trial that a priori faces Heard for defamation, both have accused each other of mutual abuse. “I’m here because my husband sued me for an article I wrote,” Heard began.

Throughout her statement—which lasted more than three hours—Heard described several episodes in which she spoke of Depp as a violent man, unable to control his aggressiveness and with serious drug addiction problems.

The stormy journey to the Bahamas

The story that made the most impression on the Audience was that of the trip to the Bahamas they made together, just before he sold his yacht. The two had a heated argument over his problems with alcohol and drugs. According to the actress, Depp reproached her for talking about her addiction with her children, who accompanied them on their trip.

“Then he grabbed me by the neck, held me for a second and told me that he could kill me and that I was a disgrace.”

“Then he grabbed me by the neck, held me for a second and told me that he could kill me and that I was a disgrace,” Heard said, just in one of the moments before breaking down in tears. Meanwhile, the actor remained impassive in a gray suit as well, who avoided eye contact with the actress at all costs.

The relationship began in 2012 and, three years after they met on the set of TI have Rum Diary, they married. However, their “magical” marriage — as Heard herself points out — only lasted 15 months. Shortly after, the blows began when she made fun of one of the actor’s tattoos. “I asked him what it said, he said ‘Wino,’ and he slapped me across the face three times,” as she told him, “You think that’s funny, bitch?”

“I wish I would have been able to leave, but I didn’t”

According to Heard, from this first physical and verbal abuse other more violent episodes took place, in which many of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean He was under the influence of drugs. “He proceeded to do a cavity search. He’s looking for his drugs, his cocaine,” he noted tearfully on a night Depp ripped his clothes off.

Last week, Depp finished his testimonies who, at all times, stressed that the real victim was him and that Heard came to break his finger in one of their discussions, which had to be rebuilt, after hitting him with a bottle of vodka .

The actress’s response was a counterclaim in which she alleges that the actor has promoted a defamation campaign against her and claims 100 million dollars In compensation.

It is not a trial for sexist violence, but many of the aspects that are coming to light by the lawyers show the opposite.


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