The mobilization for health and the (squid) ink of the press

In the end, and in the absence of an alternative media power, it is the social mobilization the only thing that has the ability to break the media agenda. When the crowd takes to the streets, becoming the most powerful communication device, it manages to bend the arm of the rundown builders of the big media, reorder priorities and put on the table a topic of conversation in the country. And that is what has happened with the massive demonstration in Madrid: all the television stations yesterday already opened their news with this protest and today there are many front pages and rivers of ink about the mobilization in the press.

The approaches that I found yesterday on TV and in many newspapers were quite decent and even surprising in some cases. They talked about the demonstration, showed images, collected some slogans and demands, and explained a little (although this is perhaps the weakest point in almost all the pieces) what are the specific reasons regarding the situation of public health in Madrid for which This protest took place that has united unions and health organizations with neighborhood groups from the neighborhoods and towns of Madrid.

With a couple of days or three of gatherings, I calculate that they can try to turn it around, twist it, or at least change the subject. Yesterday and today, this is still not so easy; although some, of course, started from minute one. OkDiary: “PSOE, Podemos and Más Madrid politicize the march for health and fill it with republican flags”. OkDiary: “A podemita detained for assaulting the Police calls the demonstration against Ayuso for health”. digital freedom: “The left calls Ayuso a ‘murderer’ in his demonstration while blaming Renfe for the low attendance.” And the PP saying that it was a “failure”.

And there is more. cover of ABC from today: “The left uses health as an act of force against Ayuso”. “The left uses sanitation”, I imagine they asked for an appointment at least 6 months ago to be able to use it. And so I told it telemadridwhile putting on the screen the label: “unions and left against Ayuso”. ‘Besides, they were very much on the left and a lot on the left, and they insulted poor Ayuso, so you shouldn’t like any of this, dear
Telemadrid audience’.
This is how Teleayuso spends it, the ABC, okdiary and company to try to manipulate the information about a demonstration that, as I said before, has generally succeeded in breaking the agenda and approaches of most of the major media. But I want us to focus for a moment on a derivative of all this, because in everyday life, when people are not occupying the streets like yesterday (which is most of the time, logically, because people do not mobilize like this every day) , there is a recurring media mechanism that is used to distract attention from real problems like this one in healthcare.

It basically consists of Ayuso saying any barbarity or any bullshit, and all the media, including progressive media, go after the bait and make it grow and grow, creating huge smokescreens that give rise to a completely distorted media agenda that is different from the actual social agenda.

A brief review of what was happening in the media last week, when yesterday’s demonstration was already brewing. Ayuso spoke at an event organized by The reason -accompanied by its president the “gunslinger” Mauricio Casals- and he also walked around the sets of the television oligopoly: he was on the Ana Rose and of Ferreras. And these were some headlines he left: The Plural: “Ayuso affirms that Sánchez is preparing a coup against the King to establish the republic. The leader also assures that the president of the Government wants to ‘put the opposition in jail’ ‘as in Nicaragua’.” Republic: “Ayuso accuses Sánchez of preparing a coup against the King and of ‘wanting to have the opposition in jail'”. “Here what is intended is to recover a Republic, that another Pablo Iglesias of life is the one who is above all”, ensures. and another of the plural: “Ayuso blames the health chaos in Madrid on Sánchez: ‘He is pending pardoning and releasing ETA prisoners'”.

The PSOE He also entered the rag publicly responding to Ayuso’s provocations; result: The reason: “Darias is unleashed against Ayuso: he uses the Moncloa press conference to attack Madrid”. Digital Freedom, Frederick at 7: “The Government uses the Council of Ministers to attack Ayuso”. And the media right directly boasts of the effectiveness of this provocation mechanism to set the agenda. Publisher of digital freedom: “Ayuso puts the health of his opponents at risk”. Esradium: “Federico at 7: Ayuso unsettles the PSOE that asks Feijóo for his head” . Y The Spanish: “The Government falls into Ayuso’s trap again and reinforces its image as the leader of ‘anti-Sanchismo'”. Anyway. I don’t know how you’ll see it, but I think it’s almost a creep and that it even has a surreal point that the news and the press recognize and state how this works while all of them lend themselves to contributing to that same mechanism, which logically does not would be possible without media collaboration. ‘How well Ayuso’s provocations work, look how everyone falls into his trap, poor things. And now, let’s continue talking about ETA’.

It’s amazing to listen to Helena Resanofor example, saying from The Sixth News that Ayuso tries to divert attention with his bullshit the same week that his boss, the director of the Sixth, Ferreras, takes Ayuso to his program to release a rally full of this type of atrocities and flagrant lies without him in any way moment interrupt her or contradict her.

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